Early Recovery

Early Recovery and livelihood Program Goals

Bonyan aims to strengthen the capacity of individuals, communities, and institutions; to enhance the functionality of basic services and productive actors; and to promote the cohesion of the society.

Main objectives:

1- Supporting the maintenance and improving equitable access to basic services.

2- Increasing access to livelihood and job opportunities.

3- Strengthening social cohesion by empowering communities to lead early recovery processes together.

List of ERL activities conducted

Maintenance and improving equitable access to basic service

  • Rehabilitation of Schools
  • Rehabilitation of roads
  • Rehabilitation sewage networks
  • Rehabilitation water stations

Access to livelihood and job opportunities

  • Financial support to businesses with high potential for job retention and creation.
  • Provide vocational and skills training opportunities.
  • Create long and short-term work opportunities.
  • Unemployment Youth capacity building.
  • Strengthen HHs food and income generation.

Strengthening social cohesion

  • Capacity building workshops of community representatives to advocate for early recovery needs and to identify solutions to these needs.

ERL team strategy and Area of focus

Within the built experience of Bonyan team in implementing ERL activities, the future projects will focus on:

  • Enhancing the integration of ERL programing into all other programs in Bonyan.
  • Boosting the community engagement approach in the recovery efforts/projects by involving all community segments within the early stages of an intervention design.
  • Participating on decreasing the non-employment rate in NW Syria and promoting the self-dependency at individual level.
  • Improving the productivity at the national level through strategic and sustainable projects such as supporting the value chain of a crop or an industry.
  • Fostering access to basic services in the field of vocational training and enterprise funding.
  • strengthening the social cohesion among the community members in NW Syria and Turkey as well through encouraging the community-based initiatives/projects, especially for youth and women.

Key Achievements

  • Engaged the affected-communities in Atma and Qah camps in the suggestion and selection of Community Support Projects using an innovative approach including public voting system.
  • Of the first NGOs who responded to the flood risks in Atma and Qah camps through establishing a rescue team and improving the drainage infrastructure using the Cash for Work Modality.
  • Secured the streaming of aids to northern Aleppo through rehabilitation of the key road between Bab Al Hawa and northern Aleppo when Bab Al Salama was closed due to resolution of security council related to Cross-Border Aid Operations into Syria’s North-West.
  • Being a part of the Technical Working Group of ERL cluster since 2020 to support the cluster in the review process of selection projects within the SCHF funds.
  • Participating in the Road Rehabilitation Working Group of preparing the guideline of road rehabilitation.
  • Integrating the ERL activities with Education activities through supporting the families of dropout children by short- and long-term job opportunities using vocational training and seed funds as well as cash for work


17 Projects
1,138,836 Beneficiaries
101,900 Benefited from rehabilitation of Schools
645,963 Benefited from rehabilitation of roads
296,442 Benefited from rehabilitation sewage networks
92,116 Benefited from rehabilitation water stations
630 Received vocational and skills training
820 Got long and short-term work opportunities
360 Benefited from youth capacity building
74 Attended capacity building worksh
270 Businesses ownders supported for job creation
540 Households supported for income generation


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