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Once, war had stolen the innocent laughter of a young Syrian girl named Arej, claiming her father’s life and drawing her away from school. For two years, her textbooks gathered dust as she shouldered familial responsibilities, aiding her mother in a world that suddenly seemed too large and too cruel 🌍💔.

Enter Bonyan, a beacon of hope amidst her stormy sea. Recognizing her plight, Bonyan offered her not only the tangible – a school bag, pens, toys, but also the intangible – psychological support that sought to mend the wounds that war had left behind.


Arej found her way back to school, back to the joy of learning 🎓, and the promise of a brighter future. She didn’t just return to school, but thrived, becoming a bright student, a shining star in her classroom.


Arej’s story is one of resilience 💪, a testament to the transformative power of support, both emotional and financial. Through Bonyan’s intervention, Arej became more than a student; she became a symbol of hope, a testament to the indomitable human spirit 🌟.