Education Program

Education Program Goals:

Education: A Right, Not a Privilege

To create a safer and more secure environment for children by supporting the educational process in northern Syria and improving the quality of educational services provided to be in a safe, protective, and healthy learning environment for conflict-affected children, teachers, and educational personnel.

List of Education activities conducted:


  • Providing Formal education, non-formal education, and Technical, and Vocational Education
  • Provision of Teacher and Education actors’ incentives.
  • conducting school maintenance and gender-sensitive WASH facilities and Increase Schools’ CWD inclusion capability.
  • Provision of Education supplies
  • Providing the schools with Water supply, School Hygiene kit
  • Provision of winterization Support for school


  • Conducting Teacher Capacity Building Programs via Training, coaching, and monitoring, and Establishing Teachers’ Learning Circles (TLC)
  • Integrating protection into education through the Provision of structure PSS, life skills and recreational activities, case management, emergency case fund, and referral pathway activation
  • Monitor and follow up on students learning progress.

Community engagement

  • Conducting Caregiver engagement program
  • Conducting back-to-learning campaigns
  • Holding Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) meetings
  • Conducting School-based community awareness campaigns
  • Supporting Adolescents and youth Community Initiatives
  • Events related to international occasions such as International Children’s Day…

Education team strategy and Area of Focus

In line with the needs in NWS, Bonyan’s capacity and areas of interest. Bonyan has developed an Education program strategy with the focus on expanding the below activities

  1. Increase support for Formal Education.
  2. Increase access to OoSC.
  3. Enhance teachers’ capacity in some technical areas like differentiated instruction.
  4. Build more on community engagement and enhance it.
  5. More integration with the Livelihood sector.
  6. focus on ECD and integrate it into all educational projects

Education team’s role in NWS coordination mechanism

Bonyan is an active member in the following Cluster and working groups :

  • A co-author of JENA need assessment of inclusive participatory education for out-of-school children in northwest Syria.
  • Bonyan is now a participant in a working group for the education cluster to develop a needs assessment at the level of northwest Syria.
  • Bonyan is a member in the non-formal education taskforce in northwest Syria.
  • Qualified education team inside Syria and Turkey supports the daily work and provides educational and supervision training for Bonyan staff and other educational projects staff.

Key Achievements

  • One of the first NGO to introduce the Japanese soroban calculation method in education in Syria.
  • Developed special curricula for non-formal education in basic subjects at a very early time in compression with other NGOs.
  • Developed a special methodology for coaching and teacher development cycles.
  • One of the first NGO who developed the administrator’s level in schools through a package of training provided.
  • The first who developed on obtaining accreditation for degrees in northwest Syria through the technology-enhanced education project in partnership with Qatar Charity.
  • Took advantage of our strong position in education to coordinate a strong transition of children from non-formal education to formal education.
  • Develop strong methodologies to integrate children with disabilities in our learning spaces and we were one of the first organizations that worked to capacitate schools staff to deal with them.


40 Projects
450,000 child (55% Girls) Beneficiaries
7017 Teachers contracted
98 Community Initiatives conducted
497 Back-to-school campaigns conducted
132,626 Children participated in child protection activities
7,511 Teachers trained on different trainings topics
39,614 Children reached in formal education
93,012 Children reached in non-formal education
411 Schools maintained

Success Stories


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