Donate Your Kaffarah

Donate Your Kaffarah

Embrace the Spirit of Redemption and Giving This Ramadan

Welcome to our Kaffarah Campaign, where each contribution is a step towards redemption and support for those in need. Kaffarah is prescribed for individuals unable to fulfill the fast of Ramadan and seeks to offer nourishment to those less fortunate as a form of atonement.

What is Kaffarah?

Kaffarah stands as a profound act of faith and compassion within Islam, offering a means to make amends for missed fasts during Ramadan. It’s not merely a compensatory practice; it’s a gesture of deep significance, extending your blessings to provide meals for the needy.

This sacred act reflects the essence of Ramadan, emphasizing solidarity, empathy, and communal support.

Why Your Kaffarah is Vital:

Your Kaffarah goes beyond fulfilling a personal obligation—it breathes life into our shared values of caring and generosity. Through your contribution, you ensure that fasting individuals in our communities have the sustenance they need to break their fast.

Each meal funded by your Kaffarah is a beacon of hope and dignity, directly impacting lives and reinforcing the bonds of our Ummah.

How to Fulfill Your Kaffarah:

Fulfilling your Kaffarah is a deliberate act of kindness with eternal benefits. For every day of fasting missed, a contribution of $300—calculated to feed 60 people at $5 per person—transforms into vital nourishment for those who need it most. Here’s how you can make your impactful contribution:

1. Select or enter the amount based on the number of fasts missed or your capacity to give.
2.Complete the donation process, assured in the knowledge that your contribution is set to make a real difference.

With every Kaffarah donation, you’re not just compensating for missed fasts; you’re participating in a larger narrative of hope, renewal, and shared prosperity. Your generosity this Ramadan paves the way for brighter tomorrows

Your Trust, Our Commitment:

Assuring donors of transparency and integrity in delivering their Kaffarah contributions directly to those in need, with a brief mention of our work and commitment to making a tangible difference.


What exactly is Kaffarah?

Kaffarah offers a way for Muslims who cannot fast due to valid reasons to make amends by providing meals to 60 needy individuals for each missed day of fasting.

How is my Kaffarah contribution used?

Your donation is used to provide nutritious meals to fasting individuals in need, ensuring your Kaffarah fulfills both a religious obligation and a humanitarian need.

Can I direct my Kaffarah to a specific region?

While donations are typically allocated where most needed, please contact us directly to discuss any specific preferences, and we’ll accommodate where possible.

Is my Kaffarah donation tax-deductible in the USA?

Yes, as a recognized charitable organization in the USA, your Kaffarah donation is tax-deductible. Keep your donation receipt for your records.

How can I be sure my donation reaches the intended recipients?

Bonyan Organization operates with the highest standards of transparency and efficiency, partnering with trusted local organizations to ensure direct delivery of aid.