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Unfolding Beginnings

Football is a beacon of hope for many, including Mohammed, an 8-year-old with dreams of professional play and attending the Champions League final. Let’s explore his inspiring journey in the face of adversity.


Finding Hope Through Football

Mohammed found solace and purpose in football. It helped him forge friendships, integrate into his community, and overcome loneliness. Every kick fueled his belief in potential greatness.


Dreaming Big

At the tender age of 8, Mohammed already possesses an unwavering ambition: to become a professional football player. He looks up to his sport idol, Haaland, and sees in him the embodiment of his own dreams. With Haaland as his inspiration, Mohammed pushes himself every day, honing his skills and striving to be the best version of himself on the field.



Sending a Message to the World

Mohammed aspires to stand with referees at the Champions League final, representing Syrian children’s dreams and hopes globally. He believes in football’s unifying power and hopes his journey inspires others to overcome adversity.


Mohammed’s journey, fueled by football, drives his dreams and inspires us with his determination. Let’s support him in achieving his goal and spreading his message of hope and unity.

Each step they take is a leap towards a promising tomorrow 🌟