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They say that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. But what if that single step was a 4-kilometer walk 🏞️ through a hazardous path to get an education? This is the reality that three brave children face every day, and we are privileged to share their story 📖.

In our latest video, “A Tale of Courage & Dreams” we take a close and heartfelt look at the daily trek that these extraordinary children undertake. The resilience they display as they negotiate their rugged route to school is both inspiring 💡 and thought-provoking.


The road they walk is no ordinary one. It’s a trek filled with challenges – a path where every step must be calculated, every turn considered. It’s a road that’s perilous and unpredictable, and yet, these children traverse it with a determination that belies their tender years.


  • Why do they endure such hardship?
  • Why do they put themselves at risk every day?

The answer is simple, yet profound: They do it for the promise of a brighter future 🌞 – a future that education could bring them.


Dreams of becoming doctors, teachers, engineers – dreams that are as big and boundless as their courage. Their eyes, lit with the fire of ambition, serve as a poignant reminder that education is not a privilege but a basic right.


This powerful story serves as a call to action 📢. We invite you all to join us in advocating for safer, more accessible routes to education for every child. Let’s work together to ensure that no child has to risk their life for a chance at learning.