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Donate Food For Refugees

Donate Food For Refugees
Table of Contents

Therapeutic Food

Therapeutic food is foods designed for specific, usually nutritional, therapeutic purposes as a form of dietary supplement. The primary examples of therapeutic foods are used for emergency feeding of malnourished children or to supplement the diets of persons with special nutrition requirements, such as the elderly.

Children who flee frequently go days without eating and end up in camps underweight. You can help a critically undernourished refugee child’s recovery by giving them access to therapeutic food.

Hot Meals

Winter is coming, and living conditions are expected to become even more difficult in refugee camps. In these conditions, refugees have no supplies to make their own meals, especially those who came recently.

Providing hot meals for refugees is a good thing to do for them in winter; it will help them to stay warm and healthy.

Food Basket

When people depend completely on food assistance, it is imperative to turn to food baskets in emergencies or for refugees.

Food baskets can contain:

Food Basket

  • A staple such as wheat flour or rice.
  • Lentils, chickpeas, or other pulses.
  • Vegetable oil (fortified with vitamins A and D).
  • Sugar.
  • Iodized salt.

Food Vouchers

A voucher is a ticket or piece of paper that can be used instead of money to pay for something. When we give vouchers to refugees is like we have given them money. These vouchers(paper-liked tickets) can be uploaded with a certain amount of money. This is another type of charity where refugees can use vouchers in certain markets or shops to buy their needs.

Bread Bundles

Bread is an essential part of every family. Refugees don’t have any money to buy food or drinks when they leave their homes, so they always need our help.

Providing bread to refugees is like providing the most important thing they need because bread can be instead of giving them a whole meal.


Support Mobile Kitchen

A mobile commercial kitchen can be built using a trailer or a truck and has all of the cooking equipment needed to carry on in any location.

It is easy to move the mobile kitchens inside refugee camps, and it is a good solution to provide food to them.

Supporting mobile kitchens in refugee camps helps to reduce the spread of famine.


What Is The Importance Of Therapeutic Food For Refugees?

It helps malnourished children recover from malnutrition.

What Are The Components Of The Food Basket To Help Refugees?

Food baskets can contain:
– A staple such as wheat flour or rice.
– Lentils, chickpeas, or other pulses.
– Vegetable oil (fortified with vitamins A and D).
– Sugar.
– Iodized salt.

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