Protection and Sponsorship

Bonyan’s Protection and Sponsorship Program is a steadfast sanctuary, dedicated to safeguarding lives and empowering communities across the heart of the Middle East.

Our Goals

Our primary aim is to enhance access to top-notch protection services through a comprehensive, holistic approach, fostering safety, inclusivity, and well-being. 

Key Protection Activities

1. Structured and Semi-Structured PSS

Providing structured and semi-structured Psychosocial Support to aid Psychological recovery.

2. Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)

Focusing on mental health to heal and strengthen resilience. 

3. Parenting Sessions

Guiding parents to create safe environments for raising their children. 

4. Individual Protection Assistance/Emergency Case Fund

Offering essential support to individuals during emergencies. 

5. GBV and PSEA Awareness

Raising awareness about Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA). 

6. COVID-19 and Hygiene Awareness

Offering essential support to individuals during emergencies. 

7. Child Protection and Legal Awareness

Informing about children’s rights and legal aspects. 

8. Mine Action Awareness

Creating awareness about the dangers of landmines.

Strategy and Future Focus

To expand our impact throughout the Middle East, we have identified key areas of focus: 

Mainstreaming Protection: Integrating protection across programs like WASH, NFI, Shelter, and livelihood. 

Empowering Women: Aiming to fund projects that uplift and empower women in the community. 

Youth Empowerment and Local Initiatives: Supporting local youth networks and community initiatives. 

Coordination and Collaboration: Actively participating in various coordination mechanisms and task forces to ensure a synergistic approach to protection. 

Our Commitment

Bonyan remains dedicated to fostering a protective environment where individuals can rebuild their lives. Your support amplifies our efforts and enables us to shield more lives, nurturing a world where everyone feels safe and empowered.

Join hands with us in creating a secure future for all. 


10 Projects
100,000 (55% Girls and women) Beneficiaries
6 PSEA report points
800 Children benefited from the Emergency case fund activity
6000 Participated in structure and semi-structure PSS sessions
2500 Received positive parenting sessions
1000 Successful case management cases
2000 Cases referred to other services
10 Child Protection community networks

Program Project


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