Orphans Sponsorship In Syria And Gaza

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In the war-torn regions of Gaza and Syria, children are facing unimaginable hardships. They’ve lost parents, homes, and their sense of security.

But you can offer them a lifeline of hope.

Your monthly sponsorship will provide essential support to an orphan in dire need, making a tangible difference in their life.

Your sponsorship will provide

  • Nourishment: Nutritious meals and clean water, essential for growth and development.
  • Safety: A secure shelter and warm clothing, protecting them from the elements.
  • Education: Access to schooling, empowering them to build a brighter future.
  • Healthcare: Essential medical care, ensuring they stay healthy and strong.
  • Emotional support: Counseling and therapy, helping them cope with trauma and loss.

Your generosity is more than just financial assistance – it’s a beacon of hope in their darkest hour.

Your sponsorship shows them they are not alone, giving them the chance to dream, to heal, and to thrive.


How your sponsorship makes an impact

Monthly donation

Your regular contribution will be pooled with other sponsorships to provide comprehensive support to orphans in Gaza and Syria, ensuring their basic needs are met, and they have access to essential services.

Regular updates

We’ll share stories and reports showcasing the impact of sponsorships, highlighting the difference your generosity is making in the lives of children facing unimaginable adversity.


Join us in creating a brighter future for orphans in Gaza and Syria

By sponsoring an orphan, you’re not just changing a life, you’re giving a child the chance to heal, to learn, and to dream again.

You’re investing in their future and the future of their community.

Sponsor an orphan today and give the gift of hope.