Save Lives in Gaza: Fund an Ambulance


Just for a minute, consider the impact of your support: an Ambulance navigating Gaza’s challenging landscape to provide emergency medical care and transportation to injured individuals. Your contribution becomes a beacon of hope, saving lives in an area where transportation, first aid, and quick emergency responses are critical. 

The Journey of Hope and Healing

Gaza’s narrative is one of resistance and resilience amid adversity and atrocities. With your help, Bonyan Organization aims to deploy an ambulance, ensuring the delivery of first aid responses to the most vulnerable.

These Ambulances are not just vehicles but vessels of hope, equipped to offer quick comprehensive care—from emergency services to disease management—right at the heart of communities most in need. 

Save Lives in Gaza: Fund an Ambulance

Why Ambulances are Vital

The health system in Gaza faces unimaginable challenges: from overcrowded hospitals to a complete lack of medical supplies. Our Ambulances are designed to provide on-the-spot medical services and reduce the strain on permanent healthcare facilities.

Each Ambulance, equipped with essential medical tools and staffed by dedicated professionals, becomes a mobile haven of healing, offering quick emergency responses in the face of constant aggression. 

Uniting for Life: Your Generosity in Action

Your generosity fuels this mission, turning the wheels of our Ambulances and directly impacting lives in Gaza. Every donation, big or small, contributes to the larger narrative of health, hope, and humanity. Together, we can ensure that no one in Gaza is left without access to emergency first aid.

Let’s unite to make these Ambulances a reality, embodying our collective spirit of Ramadan by extending a hand of support to those in dire need. 

Giving Amounts


🇺🇸 $ USD

$50: Basic Care Essentials

Your donation aids in acquiring essential medical instruments for Bonyan Organization’s Ambulance, such as stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers, foundational for primary healthcare for Gaza.


$100: Stock the Medicine Cabinet

Help us fill Bonyan Organization Ambulance cabinets with crucial medicines and medical supplies, directly supporting patient care in Gaza.


$250: Diagnostic bed fund

Support the purchase of an examination and inspection bed, a central piece for patient care in Bonyan Organization’s Ambulances for Gaza.


$500: Equipment Essentials

Your donation to Bonyan Organization will buy additional basic equipment necessary for patient care, including oxygen tanks and first aid tools for Gaza.


$1,000: Defibrillator

Your donation for Gaza will help Bonyan Organization provide the Ambulance with a Defibrillator, essential in restoring a heartbeat to those suffering from life-threatening arrhythmia.


$2,500: Essential Health Tools

Contribute with Bonyan Organization towards more specialized medical equipment, enhancing the Ambulance’s capability to provide comprehensive emergency aid in Gaza.


$5,000: Ambulance Vehicle Share 1/7

Your donation represents one of seven essential shares needed to purchase and deploy a Volkswagen Ambulance vehicle. Your contribution will lay the foundation for Bonyan Organization’s on-the-go medical interventions, reaching the wounded and those in critical need across various parts of the Gaza Strip.


$6,200: Vaccine and Medication Refrigeration

A significant contribution to Bonyan Organization that ensures vaccines and medications are stored safely within the Ambulance, maintaining their efficacy for those in Gaza.


$11,667: Share in Mobility

Your generous donation helps secure a third of the Ambulance’s cost, ensuring our ability to reach and serve those in the most remote areas of Gaza. This collective effort symbolizes unity and shared commitment with Bonyan Organization to providing critical medical aid where it’s needed most in Gaza.


$45,000: Ambulance Champion

Fully sponsors one of Bonyan Organization’s Ambulances, becoming a cornerstone of hope and healing in Gaza. “May the Almighty bless you abundantly, make this noble deed a means of continuous charity (Sadaqah Jariyah) for you, and illuminate your path with the light of compassion and mercy. May your generosity become a beacon of hope and healing in Gaza, bringing solace to those in need.

Save Lives in Gaza: Fund an Ambulance


1. How will the Ambulance operate in Gaza given the current restrictions and blockades?

The Ambulance will be modified and equipped within Gaza to ensure it meets the specific medical needs of the population. It will be operated by the Ministry of Health, which will provide a doctor, driver, and necessary staff, ensuring that the Ambulance can navigate and serve even in restricted areas. 

2. Why is there a pressing need for Ambulances in Gaza, particularly in Rafah?

Given the severe strain on Gaza’s health system due to the conflict, with many hospitals damaged or operating beyond capacity, there’s an urgent need for Ambulances to provide accessible healthcare, especially in overcrowded areas like Rafah, now home to 1.3M displaced individuals. 

3. What medical services will the Ambulance provide?

The clinic will offer urgent medical examinations, first aid, and transportation of the injured, which is critical in settings of overcrowding and displacement. It’s equipped with essential medical supplies, including an examination bed, a medical cabinet, and basic diagnostic tools. 

4. How will the Ambulance operate amidst fuel and transportation challenges in Gaza?

Despite challenges, fuel is available in central and southern Gaza through traders, ensuring some mobility. The Ministry of Health will manage the Ambulance, ensuring it reaches areas of greatest need, with operational mobility not being entirely limited. 

5. Who benefits from the Ambulance services?

The Ambulance aims to serve individuals in dire need of medical interventions who cannot access traditional health services due to the ongoing crisis. This includes the wounded, those with chronic illness, those with limited mobility, and pregnant women, focusing on areas with the highest need like Rafah. 

6. As a donor, how can I be assured that my contribution to the Ambulance is directly benefiting those in need in Gaza?

Bonyan Organization and its partners are committed to transparency and efficiency. Contributions go directly towards the cost and operation of the Ambulance. Donors will be provided with regular updates and reports on the clinic’s impact, ensuring visibility into how their generosity is making a difference. 

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