Food Security and Agriculture

Food Security and Agriculture Program Goal

In order to maintain food security and the agriculture sector in NW of Syria, Bonyan started its FSA Program, which focuses on emergency response and sustainable activities.

Main objectives

  1. Scale up and sustain minimum food consumption needs through life-saving and life-sustaining food assistance.
  2. Support the self-reliance of affected households by protecting and building productive assets and restoring or creating income-generating opportunities to save and sustain lives.

List of Food Security and Agriculture activities conducted

Sustain minimum food consumption needs

  • Distribution of RTE to newly displaced IDPs
  • Provision of meat portions during Eid Al-Adha
  • Distribution of food kits
  • Rehabilitation\restoration and establishment of furnaces and food security facilities
  • Supply flour to bakeries

Supply and distribute bread to the most vulnerable families

  • Support the self-reliance of affected households
  • Distribution of seeds and seedlings to the BNFs
  • Distribution of pesticides and fertilizers and providing agriculture advice

Food Security and Agriculture team strategy and Area of focus

Within the built experience of Bonyan team in implementing ERL activities, future projects will focus on:

Syria contains a lot of fertile agricultural lands and skilled laborers (farmers) who are ready to work, but they need financial support.

Therefore, Bonyan will work on using lessons learned and its experiences of successful agricultural projects to target more beneficiaries from both farmers and non-farmers to ensure the optimal reactivation of the agricultural sector in NW Syria.

Working on expanding the scope of sustainable projects that play a key role in securing income for beneficiaries which allow them to become self-sufficient. Bonyan will mainly work on projects related to manufacturing agricultural products.

In addition, the agricultural sector faces many difficulties, the most important of which is climate change, which affects the quality of soil, crops, and irrigation water.

Therefore, Bonyan will focus in all its projects on applying environmentally friendly methods to face the climate change risks.

Key Achievements

  • Reaching an enormous number of BNFs who received food kits.
  • Due to the high coordination strategy, Bonyan was able to reach forgotten areas that most humanitarian organizations could not access. Such as,
  • Throughout the farming projects, Bonyan was able to re-farm the forgotten agricultural lands.
  • Bonyan worked on providing bread to the most vulnerable IDPs during the displacement waves.
  • Bonyan was one of the main organizations that responded to the evacuation waves by distributing RTEs.


23 Projects
6,875,051 Beneficiaries
138,836 Received ready-to-eat meals to new displaced IDPs
127,649 Provisioned with meat portions during Eid Al-Adha
690,610 Benefited from distribution of food kits
50,000 Benefited from rehabilitation\restoration and establishment of furnaces and food security facilities
40,000 Benefited from flour suppliment to bakeries
60,000 Benefited from the suppliment and distribution of bread to most vulnerable families
6,478 Received seeds and seedlings
6,478 Received pesticides and fertilizers, and providing agriculture advice

Program Project


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