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Syrian Refugee in Jordan

Life of Syrian Refugees
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Overview of Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Jordan now hosts some 675,000 registered refugees from Syria, who began fleeing in 2011. Most Syrian refugees in Jordan live in its towns and villages, among local communities. Only 17 percent live in the two main refugee camps, Za’atari and Azraq.

Za’atari has witnessed refugee entrepreneurship from day one. Determined to get back on their feet, refugees have set up almost 1,800 shops and businesses within the camp.

Syrian Refugees In Jordan Governorates

The Syrians are distributed in the Jordanian governorates; many statistics refer to the number of Syrians.

  • Amman: 197,416 Person.
  • Mafraq: 163,511 Person.
  • Irbid: 140,628 Person.
  • Zarqa: 97,087 Person.

Syrian Refugees in Za’atari Camp

Syrian refugees’ Za’atari camp was opened on 28 July 2012 and is still home to 80,000 people.

Within a year, the camp’s population had soared to 120,000 people. Thousands of metal shelters replaced the tents that provided a temporary roof in the initial weeks and months. Roads, schools, and hospitals were built to meet the needs of residents, and shops and small businesses sprang up, run by enterprising refugees.

It is the largest refugee camp in the Middle East, one of the world’s largest, and a symbol of the long-running Syrian refugee crisis.

Syrian Refugees in Azraq Camp

The Azraq refugee camp is located near Azraq, Jordan, and was built for refugees of Syrian. It was developed and is operated by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in conjunction with the Government of Jordan. It first opened in April 2014. As of March 2016, it had over 32,000 refugees; by August 2019, which was over 35,000.

Donate and Help Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Donating to Syrian refugees provides a better life for them and helps them to have better living conditions.

Donate for Livelihood to Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Offering sustainable livelihood support for the Syrian refugees is important to help them be independent.

Donate Food to Syrian Refugees in Jordan

It is essential to use food baskets when people depend entirely on food aid due to emergencies or refugee circumstances.

Food baskets may include A staple like rice or wheat flour.

  • Chickpeas, lentils, or other pulses.
  • Plant-based oil (fortified with vitamins A and D).
  • Sugar.
  •  Iodized salt.

Donate For Shelter to Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Shelters, like a roof over your head, protect you from all kinds of weather conditions and help keep refugees as safe as possible. Housing supplies are the most urgent supplies refugees need.

Therefore, donating to organizations that provide these types of donations and assistance benefits refugees. One of those organizations is Bonyan, which is keen to donate these types of materials for refugees’ homes and other types of assistance.



How Many Syrian Refugees Are There In Jordan?

Jordan now hosts some 675,000 registered refugees from Syria.

How Many Syrian Refugee Children Are In Jordan?

There are about 660,000 Syrian refugees in the country. Slightly over half that number are children aged 17 or below.

Are Syrian Refugees Allowed To Work In Jordan?

Syrian refugees have been allowed to work in several sectors of Jordan’s economy since 2016.

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