Water and Sanitation

At Bonyan, we believe that access to clean water, own sanitation, and good hygiene practices are not just necessities; are fundamental rights.

Our Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Program is at the heart of our mission to save lives, enhance community resilience, and create a healthier future.

Our Goals

Delivering Life-saving WASH Supplies and Services

Providing essential WASH non-food items and conducting hygiene promotion campaigns to improve practices.

Strengthening WASH Systems

Supporting water, sanitation/sewage, and solid waste management systems to ensure regular, reliable services.

Improving WASH Facilities

Enhancing WASH facilities in institutions and public spaces to eliminate substandard conditions and promote a clean environment.

Make a Difference

We are committed to making a tangible impact on the lives of communities in crisis. Our activities a wide array of efforts:

1- Humanitarian WASH Supplies and Services

Distributing critical WASH non-food items and conducting COVID-19 hygiene promotion campaigns.

Ensuring access to life-saving WASH facilities and services during emergencies.

2- Regular WASH Services

Repairing and rehabilitating water systems to guarantee a sustainable water supply.

Enhancing water quality and maintaining sanitation/sewage and solid waste management systems.

3- Improving WASH Facilities

Supporting WASH facilities and services in schools and child-friendly spaces to uphold hygienic standards.

Future Endeavors and Strategy

Integrated Approaches

Enhancing integration between the WASH program and other vital programs like ERL and FSL.

Championing innovative projects that contribute to a cleaner environment, such as waste management and renewable energy solutions.

Community Capacity Building

Empowering affected communities to manage and operate WASH infrastructure, promoting self-dependency in delivering services.

Celebrating Milestones

Trailblazing Initiatives

Pioneering the development of sanitation infrastructures and drinking-water networks in various camps and areas, preventing waterborne diseases and promoting better health.

Standardizing WASH Services

Contributing to standardizing WASH facilities and services in institutions, primarily schools, in coordination with WASH clusters.

Community Intervention

Being an organization to intervene in the WASH sector in areas throughout the Middle East and Africa, making difference in the lives of the communities.

Join us in our mission to provide clean water, promote proper sanitation, and foster healthier lives. Your support helps us save lives and create a better, more hygienic world.


20 Projects
10 Pure WASH Projects
945,216 Beneficiaries
18,700 Benefited from the distribution of essential non-food items
376,008 Received hygiene promotion campaigns on COVID-19
22,000 Benefited from improving access to humanitarian emergency WASH facilities and services
126,616 Benefited from repairment and rehabilitation of water systems
17,000 Benefited from the support to water quality assurance, operation and maintenance of water supply systems
284,892 Benefited from repairment, rehabilitation and operational support to sanitation/sewage and solid waste management systems
100,000 Benefited from the support to WASH facilities and services in schools and child friendly spaces

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