Shelter and Non-alimentary Aid

In times of crisis and displacement, a fundamental concern is providing a safe haven, for most vulnerable populations like children, women and men.

Bonyan recognizes this pressing need and is committed to enhance access to life-saving Shelter and NFI assistance, ensuring protective and secure environment for those affected.

Our primary goal is to community resilience by expanding shelter capacities within host communities.

Our Goals

Life-saving Shelter and NFI Support

Provision of urgent shelter and NFI assistance to save lives and enhance well-being.

Empowering Communities through Enhanced Housing and Infrastructure

Enabling and strengthening an environment of protection and fostering community cohesion by improving housing and related community/public infrastructure.

Making a Difference

In our pursuit of creating safe havens and improving living conditions, Bonyan has been actively in a range of impactful activities:

1- Establishment of New IDP Sites

Creating safe spaces for internally displaced persons.

2- Distribution of NFIs

Ensuring families have essential non-food items throughout the year.

3- Innovative Transitional Shelters

Constructing temporary shelters that offer safety and stability.

4- Fire Mitigation Programming

Mitigating fire risks to safeguard lives and shelters.

5- Infrastructure Improvements

Implementing drainage systems and road rehabilitations to enhance community well-being.

Post-Earthquake Response (February 2023)

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that shook Turkey and Syria in February 2023, Bonyan intensified its efforts.

We focused on immediate shelter and NFI needs, working tirelessly to provide vital assistance to those affected by this calamity. We believe that a safe shelter is the first step towards healing and recovery. 

Future Endeavors and Strategy

Holistic Integration: Bridging the gap between Shelter and NFI programs and other essential programs such as ERL, WASH, and FSL to create a comprehensive impact. 

Reaching the Most Vulnerable: Our aim is to assist the most vulnerable individuals in NW Syria, ensuring that no one is left without adequate shelter and essential NFI items. 

Innovative Solutions: We strive to introduce innovative projects to enhance shelter adequacy, including sturdy transition shelters and multi-story residential blocks. 

Celebrating Achievements

Formal IDP Sites

Established 8 formal IDP sites, providing shelter for over 3,500 families during the mass displacement in late 2019.

Trailblazing Initiatives

Pioneering efforts in shelter repair and infrastructure development, ensuring better living conditions for the affected.

Collaborative Partnerships

Partnering with organizations like IOM in the Rapid Response Mechanism to address urgent winter needs of IDPs.

Join us in our mission to rebuild lives and restore hope. Your support helps us provide not just shelter, but a foundation for a brighter future. 


36 Projects
590,979 Beneficiaries
18,380 Benefited from the establishment of new IDP sites
456,335 Benefited from the distribution of NFIs, and seasonal and supplementary NFIs
456,335 Benefited from the replacement of existing tents
18,380 Benefited from the fire mitigation programming
313 Benefited from the installation and/ or construction of temporary transitional shelters
49,320 Benefited from the implementation of site level improvements/ infrastructure:
18,748 Rehabilitation of damaged or unfinished housing

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