Emergency Response

At Bonyan, we stand ready to act swiftly when emergencies strike, aiming to alleviate the suffering of those affected by prolonged crises in the Middle East and Africa.

Our Emergency Response Program is our commitment to providing immediate aid during critical times.

Our Mission

Rapid Response, Lasting Impact In the face of disaster, our focus remains clear: to preserve the lives and dignity of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) by promptly meeting their basic needs.

We have designed a multi-faceted approach to respond effectively during times of crisis.

What We Do

Annual Campaigns for IDPs

Conducting regular campaigns to provide essential aid to those forced to flee their homes.

Emergency Kits Distribution:

Distributing tents, NFIs kits, and winterization kits, including crucial winter clothing.

Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Rehabilitating buildings and public facilities to ensure safe and habitable environments.

Transportation and Access

Providing transportation services to IDPs and maintaining access to crucial areas, especially during severe weather conditions.

Our Strategy

Expanding Emergency Fund: 

We believe in the importance of this sector, and we’re dedicated to expanding our funds for more impactful emergency projects.

Enhanced Response Solutions: 

Continually developing better, more effective solutions to respond swiftly and effectively, especially in fire-related emergencies.

Empowering Volunteer Teams: 

Expanding our volunteer program to establish a highly responsive rescue team, always ready to act in emergencies.

Building WHs for Better Response: 

Establishing Warehouse Hubs (WHs) in key areas to stock vital supplies for immediate deployment during emergencies.

Achievements and Impact

Immediate Response to Evacuation Waves: 

Bonyan has consistently been among the first organizations to respond to evacuation waves, ensuring timely aid.

2023 Earthquake Response: 

Swiftly responding to the Turkey-Syria earthquake in 2023, providing aid and support both in Turkey and Syria.

Pioneering Initiatives:

Establishing the first rescue team and being a member of fire mitigation task force, actively combating fires in IDP camps.

Join us in our mission to provide rapid, effective aid during times of crisis. Your support enables us to save lives, restore hope, and create a better tomorrow. 


18 projects
2,508,336 Beneficiaries
365,000 Benefited from annual campaigns conducted
759,006 Distribution of tents, NFI kits to IDPs
100,050 Distribution of winterization kits that contain mainly winter clothes
51,600 Rehabilitation of unfinished\partially destroyed budlings
58,900 Rehabilitation of public facilities
945,963 Maintain access on main roads during snow or heavy rain
99,350 Provide transportation service for IDPs in emergency cases and in evacuations
128,467 Earthquake response

Program Project


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