Early Recovery

At Bonyan, our Early Recovery and Livelihood (ERL) Program stands as a beacon of hope, aimed at rejuvenating communities and fostering resilience amidst adversity in the Middle East.

Our Goals

We strive to fortify individuals, communities, and institutions, enhancing essential foundational services and productivity, while promoting social harmony.

Main objectives

1- Enhancing Basic Services

Support maintenance and equitable access to vital services, including schools, roads, sewage, and water networks.

2- Empowering Livelihoods

Increase access to job opportunities and livelihoods, providing financial support to businesses and offering vocational training.

3- Strengthening Social Fabric

Foster social cohesion by empowering communities to jointly lead early recovery efforts.

ERL Activities We Conduct

1. Maintenance and Equitable Access to Basic Services

Rehabilitation of schools, roads, sewage networks, and water stations.

2. Access to Livelihood and Job Opportunities

Financial support for job-creating businesses, vocational training, short-term and long-term work opportunities, and youth capacity building.

3. Strengthening Social Cohesion

Capacity-building workshops for community representatives to advocate for early recovery needs and encourage community-based initiatives, especially focusing on youth and women.

Strategy and Vision

We are committed to maximizing the impact of our ERL program:  

Holistic Integration

Our ERL program is woven into all our initiatives, ensuring comprehensive community development.

Community Engagement

Active community involvement from day one of our projects. 

Self-Sufficiency in the Middle East

Aiming to cut down unemployment and drive self-reliance. 

Elevate Productivity

Through well-planned, sustainable ventures.

Skill Development & Business Growth

By broadening access to vocational training and business funds. 

Strengthening Community Bonds

Encouraging grassroots initiatives that unite communities. 

Key Achievements

  • Engaged communities in project selection through innovative public voting systems. 
  • Responded swiftly to flood risks by establishing a rescue team and improving drainage infrastructure. 
  • Major aid contributor in the aftermath of the Earthquake that took place in February of 2023. 
  • Facilitated aid streaming to northern Aleppo by rehabilitating key roads during critical closures of other border crossings. 
  • Contributed to policy development and integration within the ERL cluster, fostering collaborative progress. 
  • Integrated ERL with Education activities, supporting families of dropout children through vocational training and seed funds. 

Join hands with Bonyan to rebuild lives and create sustainable change. Your support today paves the way for a better, more resilient tomorrow.


17 Projects
1,138,836 Beneficiaries
101,900 Benefited from rehabilitation of Schools
645,963 Benefited from rehabilitation of roads
296,442 Benefited from rehabilitation sewage networks
92,116 Benefited from rehabilitation water stations
630 Received vocational and skills training
820 Got long and short-term work opportunities
360 Benefited from youth capacity building
74 Attended capacity building worksh
270 Business owners supported for job creation
540 Households supported for income generation

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