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Syrian Refugees in Numbers in Lebanon

Lebanon is hosting the most significant number of refugees per capita and square kilometers worldwide, with the government estimating 1.5 million Syrian refugees and some 13,715 refugees of other nationalities.

More than half the Lebanese population is estimated to live below the poverty line. For refugees, nine out of ten Syrian refugees are living in extreme poverty, according to the 2021 Vulnerability Assessment of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.

Syrian Refugee Camps in Lebanon

One of the largest refugee camps is Arsal Camp, located in Arsal, a Lebanese town on the border with Syria.

Arsal has more than 15,000 Syrian refugees, and they are living in harsh conditions in winter, due to flooding and heavy rains, mold had formed on the wood used to rebuild the top portions of the shelters, and this mold caused severe health problems for both the elderly and children alike.

However, floods in winter destroy the refugees’ tents, and many children lose their lives every year because of cold weather.

Humanitarian Assistance for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Syrian families struggle to survive in the Arsal camp and need our assistance to be safe and lead better lives. 

In Arsal, we can’t find available clinics all the time in all places. So mobile clinics are the perfect solution.

The mobile clinics offer free medicines and medical support to displaced communities in Arsal camp.

To help refugees have a healthy community and better life, donate your money to make a mobile clinic that provides medicine and medical instruments to people who live in camps.

In camps where people have no access to healthy food and are in need, they depend on food assistance, so it is imperative to turn to food baskets.

Food baskets can contain:

  • A staple such as wheat flour or rice.
  • Lentils, chickpeas, or other pulses.
  • Vegetable oil (fortified with vitamins A and D).
  • Sugar.
  • Iodized salt.

The coming winter will provide several challenges for refugees; they can simply avoid the winter with our assistance. Giving refugee and displaced individuals winter survival kits will help them stay warm during the chilly winter. Winter supplies are necessary, especially for those residing in tent cities or other unfamiliar environments. Children and weak individuals are especially vulnerable to winter calamities, so we must always provide for their safety and warmth.

Schools are the most important place for children to learn, connect with other children in the same community, and develop their skills.

However, some parents have difficulty finding essential school supplies for their children every year. We should assist children in getting school supplies because they are necessary to continue their education like other children worldwide. After all, a good education is a fundamental right for children. Children may not have enough school supplies to begin the year, so they need our help to fill the gap.

The people residing in the Arsal camp’s top needs are providing heating materials to the displaced, followed by the demand to acquire heaters of every description (firewood, coal, and heating materials).

The most significant issue facing all Syrian homes throughout the winter is having access to heating materials when there are shortages of natural resources and low levels of purchasing power.


Where Are the Syrian Refugee Camps Located?

In Lebanon, the Syrian refugee camps are in Arsal.

How Many Syrian Refugees Does Lebanon Host?

1.5 million Syrian refugees are living in Lebanon.

How Can I Help Syrian Refugees in Lebanon?

You can help by donating to Bonyan organization, which provides all the needs of refugees.