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Syrian Refugees Statistics in Lebanon

According to government estimates, with 1.5 million Syrian refugees and around 13,715 refugees of other nationalities, Lebanon continues to host the most refugees per person and square kilometers worldwide.

According to estimates, more than half of Lebanese citizens live in poverty. According to the 2021 Vulnerability Assessment of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, (90%) of Syrian refugees live in abject poverty.

Challenges Syrian Refugees Facing in Lebanon

Refugees in Lebanon face many challenges, limiting their life potential to the minimum, if not less. Those challenges are pushing them to the edge of unbearable living, where they strive to survive each day at a time with no hope of tomorrow. Some of the main challenges are; 

  • Extreme poverty.
  • The lack of education.
  • Lack of health care.

Syrian Refugees Suffering from Poverty in Lebanon

The condition of both Lebanese and refugees has worsened due to Lebanon’s severe economic crisis. Like all communities in Lebanon, refugees are severely impacted by the several problems and dire circumstances the nation is experiencing.

They make difficult daily living decisions, such as missing meals, putting off necessary medical care, and sending their kids to work instead of school.

Access to Education for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Nearly 522,000 Syrian refugee children and youth between 3 and 24 registered to attend school in Lebanon face numerous obstacles to accessing in-person and online learning and formal and non-formal education. Only (11%) of youth (aged 15 to 24) were enrolled in schools, compared to (30%) of school-age refugee children (ages 6 to 17).

Access to Health Care for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

In Lebanon, there are more than 200 primary healthcare institutions where Syrian refugees can receive discounted medical care. Medication and immunizations are frequently free and freely accessible.

Since the 2011 Syrian refugee crisis, healthcare in Lebanon has improved. More specialized care is now available because of an expansion in health facilities and professionals. For instance, according to reports, the need for psychiatric care has increased and is being acknowledged as a severe health issue.

Supporting Syrian Refugees in Lebanon to Get Dignified Lives

Syrian in Lebanon aren’t just living in cities. Some refugees live in camps and need our support to get dignified lives.

In the Arsal camp, refugees endure harsh weather and defective construction materials. The wood used in repairing the top portions of the shelters is filled with mold, which was severely affected by the heavy rains, leading to massive health problems for children in the camp.

Due to all the neglect these constructions saw, winter floods obliterate the refugees’ tents, and due to these careless actions, many children die from the cold annually.


We need to keep the assistance flowing to refugees in Arsal Camp. It is the worst camp for refugees in the region due to all sorts of essential materials it lacks. Therefore, giving donations to organizations that care and are able to deliver the needed assistance and materials to Arsal Camp is crucial. 

An organization such as Bonyan Organization is capable of reaching those refugees and providing their essential needs to survive another winter.



How Many Syrian Refugees Live In Lebanon?

Around 1.5 million Syrian refugees are living in Lebanon.

Where Are Most Syrian Refugees In Lebanon?

 The highest concentration of refugees is found in the Bekaa region.

Can Syrian Refugees Work In Lebanon?

In Lebanon, most Syrian refugees do not have legal residency, and less than 1 percent have a work permit.

How Can I Help Syrian Refugees In Lebanon?

By donating them to help them reach all their needs.