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Childcare Grant

A Childcare grant is a scholarship that helps full-time students with children and provides them financial support to help with childcare costs.

Any money that has been given to the students, they don’t have to pay it back.

To have the scholarship, students must have some conditions that should be applied, 

  1.  They should be a full-time student.
  2. They should have dependent children under 15, and they’re in childcare that qualifies for the grant.
  3. Should have dependent children under 17 with special needs – and they’re in childcare that qualifies for the grant.

Eligibility for Childcare

The eligibility for childcare depends on:

  • If you are working.
  • Your income (and your partner’s income).
  • Tour child’s age and circumstances.
  • Your immigration status.
    Eligibility for Childcare

Child or Children

The Childcare grant can be different if you have more than one child, and it may be further by country.

Nationality and Residency

You should have a permanent resident in the country you applied for childcare, and your children should be financially dependent on you.

Age to get childcare grant

To get the childcare grant, your child must be under 15 at the beginning of the academic year (or under 17 if the child has special educational needs).

Childcare That Doesn’t Qualify

Even if they’re registered or approved, you won’t be able to get the Childcare Grant if you use a childcare provider who:

  • Is your partner.
  • Is a relative of your child and providing care in your child’s own home.
  • Is a relative of your child, is approved under the Approval of Home Child Care Providers scheme, provides care away from your child’s home, and only cares for children they are related to.

A child’s relative means a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, or sister related by blood or marriage or a person with a solid relationship to the child (such as someone acting as a parent to their partner’s children).

Childcare That Doesn't Qualify

The Amount You Can Get from a Childcare Grant

The amount depends on the country. As for the U.K.

You can get 85% of your childcare costs or a fixed maximum amount, whichever is less.

The maximum you can get is:

  • Up to £183.75 a week for 1 child.
  • Up to £315.03 a week for 2 or more children.

How Childcare Grant is Calculated

The amount students can depend on:

  • Their household income.
  • And how many children do they have in childcare.
    How Childcare Grant is Calculated

Evidence Requirement and Submitting

To apply for a Childcare Grant follow these steps:

  1. Apply online as part of your main student finance application.
  2. Send in evidence. You’ll be told what evidence you need to provide when you apply.
  3. You’ll be sent a letter telling you how much Childcare Grant you’ll get.
  4. Create an online account with the Childcare Grant Payment Service (CCGPS). You’ll get an email telling you how to set one up. Your grant will be paid into this account.

Charities That Give Childcare Grant

Many charities give childcare grants. You have to search locally to know the charities near you or in some areas in your country.

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