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What Are Mobile Health Clinics?

A mobile clinic is a customized traveling motor vehicle that provides health care to communities. 

It may be staffed by a combination of… 

  • Physicians.
  • Nurses.
  • Community health workers and other health professionals.

And they deliver a wide variety of health services.

Why Mobile Health Clinics Important in Syria

In Syria, we can’t find available clinics all the time in all places. So mobile clinics are the perfect solution.

The mobile clinics offer free medicines and medical support to displaced communities in northern Syria

What are Mobile Health Clinics

Why Mobile Health Clinics Important in Yemen

Because of the war in Yemen, people started to use primitive tools rather than modern tools. People are forced to use herbs and plants instead of modern medicine.

The mobile clinics provide medicine and the proper treatment for all people.

Benefits of Mobile Clinics

There are many benefits of mobile clinics 

1- Reach People Who Have Limited Access to Health Services

A person’s ability to access health services has a profound effect on every aspect of their health. Mobile clinics can access all people who can’t reach health care services. 

2- Lower Costs for Patients and Providers

Persons with the ability to have good health care may not have enough money for the high cost of health care services. Mobile clinics provide low-cost health care for all people, although it is easy to reach. 

Benefits of Mobile Clinics

Mobile Health Clinic Services

Mobile clinics provide good health care for refugees in camps or those living in temporary places.

Mobile Health Clinic Project for Refugees

Mobile health projects are significant for refugees who live in camps because of the lack of hospitals, regular health clinics, and prevalent disasters from unhealthy water and malnutrition.

Mobile Medical Clinic Cost

A new mobile medical unit costs roughly $45,000. Depending on what goes in, a modest buildout would cost between $50,000 and $75,000. Depending on the size, extras, and amenities included, a well-equipped unit could cost anywhere between $175,000 to $375,000.

To help refugees have a healthy community and healthy and better life, donate your money and share to make a mobile clinic that provides medicine and medical instruments to people who live in disaster areas.

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What Do You Mean By The Mobile Clinic?

A mobile clinic is a customized traveling motor vehicle that provides health care to communities.

Why are Mobile Health Clinics Important?

There are many challenges it might face:
– The cost of mobile clinics.
– The availability.
– Reaching people in camps and shelters, and more.

How are Mobile Clinics Helpful?

They help people reach health care without giving so much money.

How Does Mobile Clinic Work?

Mobile clinics offer flexible and viable options for treating isolated and vulnerable groups and newly displaced populations.

What Do I Need to Start a Mobile Clinic?

These are some points you want to need before starting a mobile clinic: 
– Target a community.
– Hire a culturally competent staff.
– Partner with community organizations.
– Identify and validate the need.
– Obtain and refit the van.
– Identify convenient locations to park the van.
– Pursue grassroots marketing.
– Add services based on local needs.
– Evaluate your impact.

How Much Does a Mobile Clinic Cost?

A new mobile medical unit costs roughly $45,000.

What Services Do Local Clinics Provide?

– Treatment for minor illnesses, such as colds. Ear pain. Bug bites. Minor cuts or wounds. Skin rash. Strep throat. U.T.I.s.
– Basic laboratory testing.
– Routine health screenings.
– Vaccinations.

How Many Mobile Health Clinics are there in Syria?

There are many mobile clinics in Syria by many organizations.

How Many Health Clinics are there in Yemen?

There are many mobile clinics in Yemen by many organizations.