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Bonyan Does Not Waste Your Money

Our Prophet (SAW) once said: “Allah loves that whenever any of you does

something, he should excel in it.”.

Since Bonyan was created, we have been keen on giving all our energy to people who deserve it; in this way, we are working hard to deliver your donations to people in need worldwide.

Your donations are making a massive difference in people’s lives.

Globally, many people depend on Bonyan to relieve their needs. With your donations, we can give the needy all their essential needs.

Bonyan covers many disaster areas in the world, like (Syria, Palestine, and Yemen…), and it is hard to cover all the people’s needs, but it is our mission to be a helping hand to those people; some of them even have no safe place to stay in.

Where Your Donation Goes
Where Your Donation Goes 3

Administrative Costs

Like all companies and organizations, Bonyan has offices and staff it has to pay for.

A small amount of the money that Bonyan receives is administrative costs.

Administrative costs contain: 

  • Rent.
  • Executive’s wages and benefits.
  • The depreciation of office fixtures and equipment.
  • Legal counsel and accounting staff salaries.
  • Office Supplies.

Bonyan Programs and Appeals

In all situations and all emergency calls, Bonyan is the One who appears directly in the location.

And in all places, Bonyan covers people’s needs quickly and perfectly

Emergency Appeals

There are many emergency appeals that Bonyan covers in its areas, like:


Every year people living in shelters face hard and nasty conditions because of the place they live and difficulty accessing the basics of life.

Every year, Bonyan tries to cover all people’s needs and help them have a better life.


The presence of Bonyan in many different places makes its mission harder.

Bonyan has many projects and many programs in many countries.


One of the essential projects Bonyan is working on is WASH.

WASH in schools, shelters, and other places are essential to keep people, especially children, safe and healthy.

Where Your Donation Goes
Where Your Donation Goes 4


Wars around the world doubled the number of orphans; Bonyan had a mission to sponsor as many orphans as possible and help them reach their dreams and have a better life.


Education is just as important as having a healthy life.

Education for children makes them more robust, gives them the energy and knowledge to rebuild their homes and country, and gives them a promising future.


It is not easy to have health and stay out of many diseases that are continuously spread in your place.

Bonyan is an organization trying to control healthcare and provide all healthcare equipment to healthcare centers.

Shelter and Non-alimentary Aid

Many people live in shelters and don’t have the basics of life.

Bonyan provides all the Non-alimentary aid to people in need in all the places it covers.

How you can Donate and Help

You can donate to the Bonyan organization to help people by the website or by contacting us on our social media accounts.


Where Does My Money Go?

When you donate to Bonyan, your money goes to people in need.

What is the Amount of Administrative Costs at Bonyan Organization?

There is no specified amount of money for administrative costs.

Can I Ask Bonyan to Fund a Project?

Yes. You can.