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Thousands of refugee children are facing many challenges and difficulties on a daily basis. Thus, helping them to celebrate Eid is a great opportunity to support them emotionally. 

This support can be done in many ways, such as by buying them clothes, giving them gifts, and engaging them in Eid preparations.

This article will further explore the activities and preparations by which we can help refugee children enjoy Eid.   

Organize fun activities for Eid Day

There are numerous ways in which refugee children can enjoy Eid festivities and feel the joyful spirit of this occasion.

Such activities include the following:

  • Organizing creative crafts: By providing art supplies, creating special decorations, and holding creative activities for children in refugee camps, we enable them to enjoy this occasion.
  • Holding outdoor games: Setting up outdoor games, such as hide and seek, can help children play in a safe and supervised environment.
  • Organizing storytelling events: Storytelling activities can help children learn about Islamic teachings in a fun way.
  • Preparing food: Preparing food and desserts for children is an entertaining way to enjoy and create fun memories. 
  • Distributing gifts among refugee children: Distributing gifts and toys among refugee children and their families can make them feel delighted and put a smile on their faces.

Involve refugee children in Eid preparations

Involving refugee children in Eid preparations is integral to celebrating this joyful occasion. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Inviting them to decorate the streets and pick out Eid decorations.
  • Inviting them to help bake Eid desserts and treats.
  • Asking them to create Eid cards and pick gifts and wrap them in a creative way.
  • Asking for their help in planning Eid activities and visits for family and friends.
  • Taking them to the mosque where they can perform Eid prayer.
  • Giving them money (‘idya) to celebrate Eid with their friends. 

Provide gifts or treats for refugee children

Providing children in refugee camps with gifts and treats can bring them hope and joy, especially as they face many challenges and experience hard living conditions.

In particular, gifts and treats create an atmosphere of festivities and celebration that can make them feel happy and joyful. 

In addition, gifts and treats can also spread sentiments of joy and happiness, allowing those children to feel the Eid festivities, create happy memories, and find respite from the difficulties of their situation. 

Our Islamic religion enjoins the importance of spreading happiness among people in need and benefiting them.

Ibn Abi’l-Dunya narrated from Ibn ‘Umar that the Prophet (PBUH) said:

“The most beloved of people to Allaah is the one who brings the most benefit to people, and the most beloved of deeds to Allaah is making a Muslim happy, relieving him of hardship, or paying off his debt, or warding off hunger from him. 

For me to go with my Muslim brother to meet his need is dearer to me than observing i’tikaaf in this mosque, – meaning the mosque of Madeenah – for a month… whoever goes with his Muslim brother to meet his need, Allah will make him stand firm on the Day when all feet will slip,” (Hasan, al-Albaani).

Offer emotional support and understanding

Helping refugee children feel and celebrate Eid festivities provides them with huge emotional support. 

Thus, enabling them to overcome the hardships they face in the refugee camps.

Therefore, we at Bonyan Organization help refugee children and their families, especially those who lost their parents, celebrate Eid and enjoy it.

Recognizing the hard conditions those children are facing on a day-to-day basis, we help bring them joy and happiness by distributing new clothes, sweets, and toys among them.

In addition, due to the recent earthquakes, thousands of child refugees were forced to flee their houses and leave their toys and other possessions behind. 

Additionally, refugee children were forced to live through many dangers during their journeys to safe refugee camps

Such conditions have certainly deprived them of their childhood as well as of multiple joys that their peers at their age are experiencing. 

You can now extend a helping hand to those children and help them celebrate Eid by supporting our “Eid Gifts with Saleem for orphans and refugee children in Türkiye, Syria, and Lebanon.”

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How to make Eid special for refugee kids?

We can make Eid special for refugee kids by engaging them in its celebrations and preparations, such as helping with the decorations and baking Eid desserts. 

How do Muslims celebrate Eid with their kids?

Muslims celebrate Eid with their kids by buying them new clothes and giving them a sum of money to celebrate its festivities with their friends.

What does Eid mean for kids?

Eid for kids means joyful celebrations, delightful preparations, gifts, and new clothes.