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The Turkey–Syria earthquake had devastating consequences both in Southern Turkey and northwest Syria, leaving over 50,000 dead and hundred of thousand injured and displaced.

Particularly, the humanitarian situation on the Syrian side has been catastrophic due to the 12-year civil war that wiped out the basic infrastructure, services, and facilities. This article sheds light on the humanitarian situation in northwest Syria following the Turkey–Syria earthquake.

What happened in Syria following the earthquake 

The earthquake that hit southeastern Turkey and northwest Syria has been devastating on many levels. On the Syrian side, the provinces of Aleppo, Idlib, Hama, and Latakia were among the areas that were worst hit by the earthquake that happened on 6 February. 

With over a decade of fighting, these provinces were deprived of many services and facilities. Millions of Syrians who were internally displaced in those provinces were already living in disastrous conditions. Yet, the recent earthquakes have compounded the magnitude of destruction in these zones. 

According to the testimonies of many Syrian victims who experienced the horrors of the earthquake, the infrastructure and roads, most of which were mainly used for humanitarian aid, were destroyed. 

In other words, the latest earthquake has augmented the catastrophic situation in northwest Syria

Donate for Earthquake Syrian Victims
Donate for Earthquake Syrian Victims 3

Syria earthquake victims

According to the UN, the latest series of devastating earthquakes have impacted more than 8.8 million people in Syria. Based on the latest figures, 5,800 Syrains have been killed due to the back-to-back earthquakes.

The freezing temperatures of the winter have also halted the efforts of rescue teams and have dimmed the possibility of finding new survivors. 

How to help earthquake victims in Syria

There are many relief groups and NGOs to which you can send your donations to. These include:

  1. Bonyan Organization
  2. Bridge to Türkiye Fund.
  3. Oxfam.
  4. Doctors Without Borders in Turkey and Syria.
  5. The White Helmets.

Food for earthquake victims in Syria

Earthquake victims are in urgent need of food in Syria; therefore, there are many organizations that use donations to bring food to the victims. 

Heating for earthquake victims in Syria

Victims of the earthquake in Syria are left to endure the freezing winter temperatures, especially after they lost their houses to the earthquake. Many children and their families are left to sleep outside in the cold, with shortages of blankets, shelters, tents, and heating

Shelter for earthquake victims in Syria

Millions of Syrians were left to suffer in the cold following the aftershocks of the earthquake that ensued. These victims have no access to shelter, which is a basic human need. 

In such cold temperatures, their need for blankets, tents, and shelters is more urgent than ever before. 

As a result of the earthquakes and the following aftershocks, many Syrian children have lost one or both parents

Following the death of their parents, many children were left with no one to support them. In addition, these children were left with no food, water, blankets, or shelter to protect them against the low temperatures of the winter. 

In addition, many of these orphans are suffering from acute psychological consequences that are sure to affect their learning process, their interaction with their peers, and other important aspects of their life. 

As a result, these Syrian orphans are in urgent need of your donations in order to alleviate their suffering and their pain. Your donations would not bring back their lost parents for sure; nevertheless, they will help cover their basic necessities. Therefore, these donations will partially relieve these orphans’ pain.

Donate for Earthquake Syrian Victims
Donate for Earthquake Syrian Victims 4

Organize a fundraiser and donate to earthquake victims in Syria

Organizing a fundraiser to donate to the earthquake victims is a crucial duty to support the earthquake victims. To do so, check out the following instructions:

  1. Define the aims of the fundraising process. 
  2. Choose the right type of event fundraiser. 
  3. Set the budget for your fundraising event.
  4. Select a leadership team for the planning of your fundraising event.
  5. Specify a date and time for your fundraising event.
  6. Establish an effective marketing plan for your fundraising event.

Help our efforts at Bonyan Organization to improve the lives of the Syrian earthquake victims and provide them with their basic needs to relieve their pain and rebuild their future



How to donate to Syrian refugees?

There are many relief organizations and NGOs through which you can donate. These include:
– Bonyan Organization.
– Center for Disaster Philanthropy.
– Plan International Inc. 
– Direct Relief.

When was the earthquake in Turkey and Syria?

The Turkey–Syria earthquake happened on February 6, 2023. 

How many died in the Syria earthquake?

The earthquake’s death toll on the Syrian side is over 7000 so far.

What is the death toll in Turkey and Syria?

The combined death toll due to the back-to-back earthquakes both in the Turkish and Syrian sides stands now at more than 50,000.