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Giving Sadaqah to Family Members

It is permission to give Sadaqah to your poor relatives or family members unless you do not inherit from them.

Giving zakah to relatives who are entitled to it is better than giving it to those who are not your relatives because giving charity to relatives is both charity and upholding the ties of kinship. The Prophet (PBUH) said …

“Charity given to a poor person is charity, but charity given to a relative is two things, charity and upholding the ties of kinship.”.

Giving Sadaqah to Father and Mother

A Muslim cannot give Zakat or Sadaqah to his parents or his children, Because he’s obliged by the law in Islam to provide for them. As Muslims, women, or men, you must give your parents what they need for their daily expenses. 

Giving Sadaqah to Wife

The Prophet said, “When a Muslim spends something on his family intending to receive Allah’s reward, it is regarded as Sadaqa for him.”

You can give Sadaqah to your wife in many ways, like; providing for your wife’s needs, being honest and compassionate with her, and many others. 

Giving Sadaqah to Poor Relatives

Giving Sadaqah to relatives is the best kind of Sadaqah.

As our beloved Prophet said: “The best of charity is to your needy relatives.”.

can zakat be given to family

Giving Sadaqah to Relatives and Family Members in Quran and Hadith

Allah in the Quran said: 

They ask you, O Prophet, what ways they should spend charitably. Say to them: Whatever good offering you pay is for your parents, and nearest relatives, orphans, the indigent, and the needy wayfarers. And whatever good you do, God is, indeed, all-knowing of it. (Quran 2:215).

Also, as we mentioned, the best charity is to your needy relatives.

Qurbani Rules for a Dead Family Member

Giving a Qurbani to a dead family member is permissible like our Prophet (SAW) did. 

He offered the sacrifice on behalf of himself and his family members, some of whom had previously died.

It is offered on their behalf and on behalf of the living. When a man offers a sacrifice on behalf of himself and the members of his family and intends thereby both those who are alive and those who are dead.

And offering the sacrifice for the dead to fulfill their last wishes. This is obligatory except in the case of one who cannot do it; Allah (SWT) said in the Quran … 

“Then whoever changes the bequest after hearing it, the sin shall be on those who make the change. Truly, Allaah is All-Hearer, All-Knower” (Quran 2:181)

Sadaqah for a Sick Person

It is permissible for a sick person to give charity to repel the illness from him, as the Prophet (SAW) said: 

“Treat your sick people by giving charity.” 

[At-Tabari and Al-Bayhaqi]

Give Sadaqah Online

There are many online websites you can give your Sadaqah. In Bonyan, we can help you send your Sadaqah to needy people in any way you want, either cash, Qurbani, or, for example, to build schools for children around the world.

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Can I give Sadaqah to someone else?

Yes, You can give sadaqah to someone else

Can I Give Sadaqah to My Mother?

No, You cannot. By the law of Islam, it is your responsibility and duty to provide for your mother and give her what she needs for her daily expenses.

Can I Give Sadaqah to My Family?

Yes, You can.

Can You Give Sadaqah to Siblings?

Yes, You can.

Can I Give Sadaqah Online?

Yes, You can donate your Sadaqah online to any of the trustworthy organizations like Bonyan Organization.

Who Can You Give Sadaqah To?

To all people in need.

What are the Rules of Sadaqah?

According to Qur’an 2:274:
Sadaqah is better to offer Sadaqah in secret.
Sadaqah should not be accompanied by reproaching the person who is given the Sadaqah.
Sadaqah should be out of pure intentions for Allah.

Can I Give Sadaqah to my wife?

Yes, you can give Sadaqah to your wife

What are the 2 Types of Sadaqah?

Sadaqah Wajibah.
Sadaqah Nafilah.

Can You Give Sadaqah to Anyone?

You can give Sadaqah to all people in need.

Can Sadaqah and Zakat Be Given to Non-Muslims?

Giving Sadaqah to non-Muslims is not only permissible in Islam but also encouraged. However, giving Zakat is only permissible for Muslims.

Who Can You Give Sadaqah to in Islam?

You can give Sadaqah to all people in need.

Can zakat be given to the family?

Zakat is a religious obligation for Muslims. It is a way of giving back to the community, and it is typically given to those who are in need. Zakat can be given to family members, but it is important to remember that zakat intends to help those in need. So, if you have family members who are in need, then you can give them zakat. But if you have family members who are not in need, it is better to give zakat to someone else in need.