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Clothes Donation, Best Donation

Islam came to teach us how to be merciful and compassionate and to live a life in a solid community. No one is above the other; all brothers and sisters in Islam. To be productive, supportive of one another, and help each other. 

Our beloved Prophet ﷺ has told us, “Charity extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire.”.

Charity has many types. Donating clothes is one of the best forms of charity because it conceals and protects a person and preserves his dignity among people.

Our beloved Prophet ﷺ said, “Whoever enacts a good Sunnah in Islam will have its reward, and the reward of those who acted upon it after him, without anything detracting from their reward. And whoever introduces a bad Sunnah in Islam must bear the sin of it, and the sin of those who acted upon it after him, without their sin being diminished.” 

Donating good decent clothes – or new clothes to those who need them – is an act that Allah loves. 

Donate Clothes to Syria
Donate Clothes to Syria 3

It’s been over ten years since the brutal war started in Syria. And millions of Syrians found themselves living in camps overnight. 

These families had no choice but to settle down in these camps, trying to move on with whatever is in their hands.

Through these years, many babies were born into a misfortunate life. These newborn babies need essential things to survive, as their tiny bodies have no strength to face that hard life they were born to live. 

One of the most important things newborn babies need is clothes, decent good warm clothes, to keep their tiny bodies safe and warm. 

Whether you have old clothes for your baby or you would like to buy newborn baby clothes, both ways are deeply appreciated by those families who have nothing to offer their babies. So keep that in mind when you think of giving babies clothes as donations.  

Decent thick winter clothes are what refugees need the most on winter days. Refugee camps hardly survive one winter at a time!

Refugees lack the most essential needs to keep them safe and warm. 

As winter starts, these camps see the worst of this season; severe weakness, various diseases, freezing cold, extreme hunger, and even sudden death out of the plain cold. 

Donate Clothes to Syria
Donate Winter Clothes to Syrian Refugees

Donating winter clothes to Syrian refugees is the minimum we can do to help them survive the brutal freezing cold. And it is a donation we need to make every winter, simply because all kinds of winter clothes hardly survive one season. Then it will be worn out and won’t be suitable to use again.  

Donating school uniform clothes to refugee students will bring great joy to their hearts as they welcome school days once again. 

Refugee students wait for school to start patiently; it brings them joy, a sense of accomplishment, a chance to build healthy relationships with others, and hope for a better tomorrow.

As we donate school uniform clothes to refugee students, it just makes everything perfect for them. And that is the main goal of giving donations; “to bring happiness to someone’s heart.”


Can You Donate Clothes to Syria?

Yes, you can donate clothes to Syria.

How Do I Donate Clothes to Refugees?

Donating clothes to organizations and charities that collect and prepare clothes to provide and deliver to refugees. 

Where Can I Donate to Syrian Refugees?

You can donate to Syrian refugees by contacting charities or organizations like – Bonyan Organization – and sending your donations to them.