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Help them Regain Mobility

As healthy people, we take millions of actions our body does on a daily bases for granted! We don’t count how often we move from one place to another.

We don’t think twice about doing something as simple as putting our clothes on every day, and perhaps many times in just one day.

Millions of simple daily actions are challenging tasks for a limited-mobility person! Leaving their bed in the morning, going to the bathroom, and moving from the kitchen to the living room back and forth.

All these tiny details in everyday life are considered significant challenges for disabled people.

Not to mention their lives outdoors, this is, for sure, another level of challenge they face.

Now, let’s go deeper into where we want to go with this… Refugee families!

How do you think a limited-mobility refugee lives their life? Any idea??

Refugees live in a disgraceful shortage. They literally lack everything we have in our daily life, all aspects of life that we enjoy living by; they hardly see 1% of it. 

Shortage of social services, shortage in healthcare services, education, nutrition, safety, work, and financial stability. Literally everything!

Refugees have lost everything they once had to the brutal war that landed over their heads overnight; they’ve lost their homes, life savings, jobs, education, and health.  

The question is, what can we do to help them regain their mobility?

We do much, actually! Many organizations, civil community organizations, and charities dedicated their efforts to helping refugees get all their required essential needs.

Healthcare services are at the top of the services list to provide. 

As individuals or as a community, we can help those refugees by contacting these organizations to see the best procedures we can take to deliver the asset needed, whether by donating money to those organizations or providing wheelchair donations

Why Donate Wheelchairs to Refugees

Help them to Get and Improve their Income

Financial stability is a key factor for refugees to have a basic sense of safety and security.

It can give them the feeling of stability where they stand at the moment.

The active organizations in refugee camps have sensed the urge to provide decent job opportunities for refugees in the camps through their programs.

Making a proper space for any refugee with any skill they have to be part of the small community by practicing what they know as work and get a stable paycheck for it simply those organizations are creating a win-win situation for everyone to benefit from. 

Some refugees are working in agriculture, some in construction, some in baking, some in education and awareness, and others have the ability to help with medical healthcare

The bottom line is; To empower refugees, we need to create proper opportunities for them to learn, help out each other, and work together in one community.

It is the best way to help them improve their income and the turn of their lives.

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Help them to Get their Lives Back

You can help! Everyone can. 

Donations of all kinds can make a massive difference in the lives of refugees.

We can donate our time to help, to think of creating opportunities for them to have a job and for their children to go on with their studies, we can donate money, or create events for gathering donations to provide refugees with healthcare services and medical tools and instruments they need to obtain a decent livable life. 

Types of Wheelchairs

Many types of wheelchairs can be provided for disabled refugees, such as;

Manual Wheelchairs

A manual wheelchair is defined as a manually operated device designed primarily for use by an individual with a mobility disability for the primary purpose of both indoor and outdoor locomotion. 

A standard manual wheelchair incorporates a seat and back, two small fronts (casters) wheels, two large wheels, one on each side, and a footrest.

Powered Wheelchairs

An electric wheelchair, more commonly known as a power wheelchair, gives the gift of mobility to people with limited mobility.

These devices usually have four to six wheels, which help with stability and are powered by batteries that generally last around 10 miles before recharging.

Pediatric Wheelchairs

A pediatric wheelchair aligns with the child’s lifestyle.

It helps increase the child’s function and stability while keeping them comfortable and safe.

Pediatric wheelchairs are mobility devices for children.

These chairs come in various designs and can be customized to suit the child’s specific needs.

These chairs have adjustable components; in a way, the device “grows” with the child.

One of the most urgent donations we see matters to provide instantly is wheelchairs.

The hope it brings for a disabled person is enormous.

It’s like giving them the freedom to move around and the ability to do things on their own.

It might sound a bit much to hear, but; giving a wheelchair to a limited-mobility person resorts a sense of dignity and freedom to them. It is indeed a major thing to do. 

Do what you can do. Do it in any way you can. Be the answer to someone’s prayer, and let’s restore the hope they’re praying for.