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Statistics About People With Disabilities 

Nearly half of Syria’s pre-conflict population remains in displacement. 5.6 million are displaced abroad, most of whom are in neighboring Turkey, while a substantial 6.5 million are displaced across Syria.3 Over a third of those displaced inside Syria have a disability (36 percent).

Type of Disability

There are various types of disability that we can’t count all, but here are some of them:

  1. Physical.
  2. Intellectual.
  3. Mental Illness. 
  4. Sensory.
  5. Neurological.
  6. Learning Disability.
  7. Immunological.
  8. Physical disfigurement.
    Type of Disability

Challenges Faced by Disabled Persons

In all countries, disabled people face many difficulties everywhere, but in Syria, disabled people face many complex challenges that may make them stop their social life and stay home. Here are some of the problems facing disabled people in Syria:

  • Weak national capacities.
  • Lack of resources.
  • Accessibility problems.
  • Low awareness.
  • Lack of livelihood support.

Challenges Faced by Disabled Persons in the Workplace

  • Employers’ doubt.

  • Lack of education.

  • Trapped in Poverty.

  • Stigmatization.

  • The disparity between supply and demand.

  • Transport and Accommodation facilities.

  • Negative attitudes.
    Challenges Faced by Disabled Persons

Education for Students With Disabilities

Challenges are doubled for students with disabilities. Many of them lack access to properly functional schools and inclusive ones that are equipped to cater to their learning needs.

Difficulties Accessing Assistance Devices

The issues could be related to the inappropriate fitting of assistive devices initially and lack of long-term support. Often, projects could only distribute the initial machine and could not cover costs related to repair or maintenance when the devices were damaged or outgrown afterward.

Healthcare for Workers with Disabilities

Workers with disabilities need exceptional healthcare in their workplaces. Most disabled people in Syria don’t have access to assistive devices to help them live their everyday life.

Disabled people live a hard life in Syria because healthcare quality is deficient, and they do not have access to many of their rights.

Help the Disabled and Donate to Them

Helping and donating to disabled people is essential to help them have a better and healthier life.

You can donate to disabled people through Bonyan Organization because they have done projects in northern Syria helping disabled people. 

Help the Disabled and Donate for Them

Special Needs Donations

People with special needs don’t always have enough access to their needs, especially those living in camps or shelters. Donating to them gives them a chance to continue their lives in a better and different way.

Donation For Disabled Children 

Donating to disabled children gives them a chance to have an education good and healthy childhood. 

Charities for Disabled Adults

Charities for disabled adults help them to have access to work, which helps their families and children in return. 

People With Disabilities in North West Syria 

People in North West Syria, especially under displacement conditions, are exposed to GBV risks to which many organizations are trying to respond. While seeking help from GBV services is a challenge for most community members, it is even more challenging for people with disability and older people.

People With Disabilities in Yemen

The ongoing conflict in Yemen has added to the number of people who are disabled. There have been around 28,500 people injured in Yemen since March 2015. The number of people in Yemen diagnosed with autism has increased over time. Disabled individuals make up less than (1%) of the workforce in the country. More individuals with disability live in rural areas of Yemen. In addition, those in the lowest income brackets are twice as likely to be disabled as people in the highest brackets.

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What Do You Call Individuals With Disabilities?

A disabled person or a handicapped.

What Are the 7 Examples of Disabilities in the Workplace?

 – Employers’ lack of education.-
-Trapped in Poverty.
– The disparity between supply and demand.
– Transport and Accommodation facilities.
– Negative attitudes.

What are the 4 major types of disabilities?

There are 4 major types of disability; Physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional, and sensory impaired disorders.

What are the Top 3 Causes of Disability?

-Poverty and malnutrition.
– Nuclear accidents.

What are the types and causes of disabilities?

Intellectual, neurological, physical, psychiatric, and sensory.

What is the largest cause of disability?

War is the largest cause of disability.