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⚽️The Inspiring Journey of Walid, Marwa, and Mohammed⚽️

  • Through an inspiring partnership, Bonyan and the UEFA Foundation 🤝 are transforming the dreams of three young Syrian refugees into reality.
  • This collaboration is the newest in a series aimed at empowering communities and promoting inclusion through football ⚽️.

Meet Walid, Marwa, and Mohammed – three young Syrian children from Urfa, Türkiye. Their lives, like countless others, have been impacted by the Syrian conflict. Despite the difficulties they have faced, these children have displayed remarkable resilience and spirit, embodying the hope and strength of Syrian children across the globe.


The Ultimate Dream

Thanks to Bonyan, UEFA Foundation, and FedEx, they are about to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey. In an exciting turn of events, these three youngsters have been selected to accompany the referees as mascots in the grand finale of the UEFA Champions League 🏆, to be held in Istanbul, Türkiye, on June 10th, 2023. The match, between Inter Milan and Manchester City, is one of the most anticipated events in the European football calendar.


More than a Game ⚽️

  • As these children step onto the field, they represent not only themselves, but all global children. This moment stands as a beacon of hope and a testament to their courage
  • Walid, Marwa, and Mohammed embody the dreams of all children. As they step onto the pitch for this match, their smiles reveal the true victory – the belief that no dream is too big and no child is left behind.
  • The story of Walid, Marwa, and Mohammed serves as a reminder that in a world often dominated by divisions, football can unite ⚽️💙.

This is more than a game – it’s a symbol of hope 🕊️. As Walid, Marwa, and Mohammed step onto the field, they inspire millions with their resilience.

Each step they take is a stride towards a brighter future 🌟.