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About World Food Day

On 16 October, people worldwide observe World Food Day to remember the date the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization was established in 1945. The World Food Programme, the World Health Organization, and the International Fund for Agricultural Development are just a few organizations that participate in widespread celebrations on the day. WFP was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020 in recognition of their work to end world hunger, promote peace in conflict zones, and take a leading role in preventing the use of need as a weapon in war and conflict.

Hunger Around the World

Even though more than enough food is produced worldwide to sustain everyone, up to 828 million people still go without it. After dropping gradually for a decade, world hunger is increasing, affecting about 10% of people worldwide. Up to 150 million more people will become undernourished between 2019 and 2022. A catastrophe fueled mainly by war, climate change, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previous to this recent rise, the globe had been making great strides toward reducing hunger. In reality, in 2000, world leaders vowed to accomplish the first of the eight Millennium Development Goals, “to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger,” along with the United Nations civil society.

Refugees Facing Hunger and Poverty

Most people are not forcefully displaced by just one factor but rather a combination of factors, with conflict and climate change being two significant drivers. Here, migration and hunger go hand in hand. People compelled to leave their homes face the fear of hunger, which also significantly impacts when and where they migrate.

Hunger can both cause and result in forced migration during times of conflict. People affected by war perceive it as a threat to their lives and livelihoods, making it difficult for them to meet even their necessities, such as food. Conflict can limit people’s freedom of movement and access to jobs, markets, and agricultural land. Their nutritional well-being is jeopardized if they cannot generate the food they require for survival or make enough money to buy it. Some people can leave to safety while keeping most of their cash or assets intact, meaning they are not immediately in danger of starving before being uprooted. Some people are not as lucky; by the time they relocate, they have completely lost everything. Others are repeatedly uprooted, each relocation weakening their ability to adapt and maintain their way of life and food security.

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How to Observe World Food Day

Many people worldwide need your help and your donation to have healthy food.

You can observe world food day in many ways; donate your time or money to food charities that provide food to those in need.

Bonyan is one of the best organizations that provide food to refugees living in camps and poverty.

Donate your food or your money to refugees to buy food or help them to have some food; refugees sometimes don’t have access to the basic things that you have; help them reach healthy food to protect themselves from sickness and hunger. 

Support Mobile Kitchens in Refugees Camps

A truck or trailer can be used to construct a mobile commercial kitchen equipped with all the necessary cooking tools to operate anywhere.

The mobile kitchens are convenient to move around refugee camps and an excellent way to feed the residents.

In refugee camps, aiding mobile kitchens helps stop the development of starvation.

Living conditions in refugee camps are anticipated to worsen as winter approaches. Particularly those who arrived recently. Refugees in these circumstances lack the ingredients to prepare their meals.

To keep refugees warm and healthy during the winter, serving them hot meals is an excellent idea.

Bonyan Organization in FSL Sector

As Bonyan, we are working to help people stay safe and meet their needs without living in harsh conditions. We provide services in many countries like Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine.

Your donation to Bonyan will make a difference in refugees’ life.


What Is World Food Day?

World Food Day is a day celebrated every year around the world on 16 October to mark the anniversary of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations in 1945.

How Many Countries Are In FAO?

An intergovernmental organization, FAO has 194 Member Nations.

What Is The Theme Of The 2022 World Food Day WFD?

The 2022 World Food Day theme is “Leave NO ONE Behind.”