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Syrian Refugee Camps in Jordan

Jordan is home to Za’atari, Azraq, and Mrajeeb Al Fhood refugee camps for Syrian refugees. However, a great number of Syrian refugees are living in Jordan. However, only 18 percent of refugees in Jordan live in refugee camps.

Zaatari camp

Zaatari Camp is under the joint administration of the Syrian Refugee Affairs Directorate (SRAD) and UNHCR. UNHCR is the lead on Protection, Health, Shelter and Site Planning, Security, Community Mobilization, Basic Needs, and Livelihoods. 

Za’atari camp, the larger of the three camps, hosts almost 80,000 refugees and is located 10km East of the Northern Jordanian city of Mafraq.

Mrajeeb Al Fhood camp

Mrajeeb Al Fhood is a refugee camp for refugees fleeing the Syrian War. It is located in Mrajeeb Al Fhood, a stretch of arid plains some 20 kilometers east of Zarqa – Jordan. It was opened in April 2013 to cope with the overflow from the Zaatari refugee camp. Mrajeeb Al Fhood camp hosts 4,196 refugees.

Azraq camp

Azraq camp management is co-coordinated by the Syrian Refugee Affairs Directorate (SRAD) and UNHCR. The camp has the potential to be expanded to accommodate 120,000 – 130,000 refugees at maximum capacity.

Azraq camp hosts 38,000 refugees and is located northeast of the country.

Help Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Donating to Syrian refugees improves their quality of life and their living situations. Refugee lack every aspect of living. Whatever you think they might need, they probably need it in addition to many other things. Therefore, whatever you can do to give donations to Syrian refugees, just do it; your contributions will be noticed and will make a difference in their lives. 

Medical Assistance Donation

Because there aren’t enough clinics, refugees living in camps, require various medical assistance to prevent the spreading of diseases and help keep all refugees general health. 

  • Health Points.
  • Medicine.
  • Medical personnel
  • Medical supplies.

Food Assistance Donation

Food baskets are vital when people rely entirely on food handouts due to emergencies or refugee circumstances.

Food baskets may contain a staple like wheat flour or rice.

  • Lentils, chickpeas, or other pulses.
  • Vegetable oil (fortified with vitamins A and D).
  • Sugar.
  • Iodized salt.

Shelter Assistance Donation

Shelters assist in keeping refugees as safe as possible by providing them with a roof over their heads that shelters them from all types of weather. The most critical items required by refugees are those for their homes.

As a result, supporting organizations that offer these kinds of aid and donations benefit refugees. One of those groups is Bonyan, eager to contribute these supplies for the houses of refugees and other forms of assistance.

Education Assistance Donation

The best environment for kids to educate, make friends with kids from their neighborhood, and hone their talents is at school.

However, some parents have trouble locating their children’s essential school supplies each year. We should help kids receive the supplies they need to finish their education and keep up with children worldwide. After all, children have a fundamental right to quality education. Children may require our assistance to fill in the gaps if they don’t have enough school materials to start the year.


Are there Refugee Camps in Jordan?

Yes. There are three refugee camps in Jordan.

Who Runs Zaatari Refugee Camp?

The Syrian Refugee Affairs Directorate (SRAD) and UNHCR.