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Syrian Refugees in Arsal

Arsal is a Lebanese town on the border with Syria. It has a camp with Syrian refugees but does not have adequate shelters to withstand the harsh winter months.

More than 15,000 Syrian refugees are living in Arsal refugee camps, and they are living in harsh conditions in winter.

Harsh Living Conditions for Refugees in Arsal

Refugees live in harsh weather conditions and inadequate building materials in Arsal camp. Due to flooding and heavy rains, mold had formed on the wood used to rebuild the top portions of the shelters, making it easier to fall apart under any condition. Besides the fact that this mold is causing some serious health problems and diseases for children and the elderly, there is another fact that awaits on top of all these problems, which is floods.
Floods in winter are the main factor in destroying refugees’ tents, leaving many children to face death and lose their lives every year because of the freezing-cold weather.

Syrian families in Arsal camp are living in tough conditions; they need our help to stay safe and have a better life.

The distribution of heating fuel to the displaced was the top requirement for the people living in the Arsal camp, followed by the need to obtain heaters of all kinds (heating materials, firewood, coal, and kerosene).

The biggest challenge for all Syrian households throughout the winter is getting access to fuel at a time when natural resource scarcity and low purchasing power are both problems.

Syrian refugees in Arsal will not be protected from the cold or storms by a tent with thin walls. People started using dangerous, primitive heaters and stoves, and many were forced to burn their clothes, cardboard, bags, and plastic to stay warm.

In the previous winters, the IDPs in the camps also suffered from floods that caused terrible human and material loss. Extensive marshes have replaced the refugee camps in these areas.

Nevertheless, due to weather-related wear and tear, many tents are unusable.

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Thousands of people in Arsal still wait for winter assistance to get through the months of cold and frost as temperatures plummet. These include households with elderly members, widowed mothers, and orphan family groups.

One item that refugees in camps need to stay warm and avoid the freezing winter weather is the blankets.

For refugees, many organizations donate blankets. To help the refugees, you can donate to the Bonyan Organization or send them blankets.

The most important thing is that refugees need shelter to stay in winter, which is the rarest thing because refugees can’t have it in camps.

Donating a tent for refugees in Arsal will be an excellent addition to refugees’ life.


Where Do Most Syrian Refugees Live in Lebanon?

Syrian refugees are living in Arsal camp.

Are Syrian Refugees Allowed to Work in Lebanon?

Yes. They are. But it depends on their place.

What Problems Do Syrian Refugees Face in Lebanon?

Refugees in Arsal camp are facing cold weather the most.