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The agony of those living in Palestinian refugee camps increases with each winter. The pain is made worse by the rain that pelts their worn-out tents and the chilly air that seeps into their bodies. The search for warmth is arguably the most challenging trek endured by the displaced during the winter.

Thousands of families in greatest need are still waiting to get winter help to survive the months of cold and frost as temperatures drop in Palestine. These include senior families, widowed moms’ households, and orphan family groups.

Blankets are one of the things that migrants in camps require to stay warm and avoid the winter’s bitter cold.

Many organizations provide blankets for refugees. You can send money or blankets to the Bonyan charity to support the refugees.

The harsh winters in which they live in camps claim the lives of children refugees yearly.

Some refugees use the trash, worn-out clothing, and shoes to stay warm; this practice has become commonplace because it is convenient and inexpensive compared to conventional methods like wood or fuel.

Ensuring they have a secure way to stay warm will improve their quality of life.

In the Bonyan organization, we provide refugees with the most practical means of staying warm, like electric heaters.

In their efforts to flee conflict, violence, and persecution, many refugees leave everything.

Because many refugees only have the clothing on their backs when they leave their homes, even the most rugged boots and coats will begin to fall apart after months of use in a new location. This is particularly true for refugees who camp outside and spend the night in frigid, rainy climates.

Many organizations exist in different parts of the world that assist refugees in meeting all of their needs.

Absolutely, you must donate to refugees if you want to assist in their quest for a better life.

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A fuel source and heater could aid refugees in consuming hot meals in cold weather, keeping them warm and reducing diseases.

The primary need cited by the refugees was the distribution of heating fuel to the displaced, followed by the purchase of heaters of different varieties.

Bonyan is one of the groups that can help you get in touch with the families in the camps and assist them.

Support Cash for Work Projects

Refugees can start their projects and provide work to other refugees living in the same area. However, they can’t start because of the lack of cash and the specific equipment they need to start.

Donating cash could help refugees to have their work and projects, which can help other people to have a better life.


How Can We Help The Palestinian People?

You can help them by donating and giving them their specific needs.

What Are Charities Helping Palestine?

You can help Palestinian people by donating to the Bonyan organization.

How Do You Show Solidarity With Palestine?

By educating oneself, donating, boycotting, and sharing the voices of those in Palestine.

What Can I Donate To Palestine This Winter?

– Blankets. 
– Electric heaters. 
– Shoes and clothes.
– Fuel. 
– Cash for a work project.