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Many refugees leave everything behind to escape war, violence, and persecution.

Even the sturdiest boots and coats will lose their durability after months of use in a new place because many refugees only have clothing on their backs when they leave their homes. This is especially true for migrants who camp out and sleep outside in chilly, rainy climates.

There are a lot of organizations around the world that help refugees to have all their needs.

Giving donations to refugees to improve their life is an essential humanitarian aid. Just remember, “We rise by lifting others.” Let our donations be the answer to their prayers. 

Donate Winter Clothes and Shoes

In cold weather, a stove and heater could help refugees consume hot meals, keeping them warm and preventing illnesses.

The distribution of heating materials to the displaced was the top requirement listed for the refugees, followed by the acquisition of heaters of various kinds.

One of the organizations that can assist you in reaching the families in camps and providing aid to them is Bonyan.

Donate Stoves and Heaters 

Every year many children refugees lose their lives because of the cold weather in winter while they are living in camps.

Some refugees use garbage, shabby clothes, and shoes to get warm; it became a normal way of generating warmth, as they are handy and low-cost compared to traditional ones like wood or fuel.

Helping them to have a safe way to get warm will make their lives easier and healthier.

At Bonyan organization, we are providing refugees with the most convenient way to stay warm.

Donate Fuel and Coal for the Heater

With temperatures dropping in countries hosting refugees in the region, thousands of families in greatest need are still waiting to receive winter assistance to cope with the months of cold and frost. These are families headed by widowed mothers, elderly families, and families with orphaned children.

One of the needs refugees want in camps is blankets to stay warm and don’t face the cold weather in winter.

Many organizations help refugees with blankets. You can donate your money or blankets to the Bonyan organization to help the refugees.

Learn More Where your Donations Goes

All of us don’t know what the primary needs of refugees are. It depends on the families and family members.

Donating cash is the best way to help refugees to get their needs.

You can know what Bonyan provides to refugees by visiting our social media or website, and you can donate cash to help refugees on our website, don’t forget that your donation will improve refugees’ lives.


What Items Do Refugees Need Most in Winter?

– Blankets.
– Stoves and Heaters.
– Winter clothing. 
– Fuel and coal.

What Is the Best Way to Support Refugees?

The best way to support refugees is by helping them reach their basic needs.

Do Refugees Need Blankets?

Yes. They do.

What Food Do Refugees Eat?

Refugees eat whatever the food basket contains.

How Do Refugee Camps Get Food?

Refugee camps get food from the donations of organizations.

What Is the Biggest Refugee Camp in The World?

It is in Bangladesh, Kutupalong.

What Does a Refugee Eat in a Day?

Refugees hardly eat three times a day.

Which Food Will Last Longer in a Refugee Camp?

The dry food.

How Many Calories a Day Does a Refugee Need?

2,178 calories per person.

What Do Refugee Camps Lack?

– Food.
– Water. 
– Shelter.
– Medical treatment.

How Long Do Refugees Live in Camps?

Years for some and even decades for others.