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Refugees have left their homes overnight under unbearable conditions, leaving everything behind: their houses, hopes, and memories. They found themselves on borders in camps, missing every essential thing that can help them feel – Alive!!!

Some organizations and civil society groups strive to provide a normal life to those families as they possibly can. 

These refugee families need customizing tents to the most vivid sections, such as medical, educational, emergency, and other forms of tents.

Emergency Tent

Emergency tents are the kind of tents set to make a shelter for new refugees who recently came to a camp place, where they can spend their first days in a shelter with some sense of safety. 

Family Tent

It is a type of tent customized for a family – privately for its members only. It is designed to be a large tent to be a comfortable shelter for a big family of one, two, or three generations together of that family. 

Donate a Tent for Refugees
Family Tent

Medical Tent

The medical tent is one of the most crucial tents in camps. 

Many organizations, civil society, and local charity are trying their best to support all camps with medical centers or mobile clinics. However, it is still something hard to achieve in most camps due to the lack of space, security, sterilization, fuel, and energy sources in the camps area. 

Therefore, medical tents came to solve the essential side of medical services in camps, such as first aid services. 

Educational Tent

Education is one of the essential needs for refugee children. It provides them with the basic knowledge they need and gives them a sense of accomplishment, which indirectly help with some mental disorders. That’s why all involved parties were keen to keep the educational process going under all conditions – which led to establishing the educational tents. 

In some camps, educational tents took the form of side-by-side tents, each one considered a class of its own, but in other camps, the ability was to have just one big educational tent – where children will have a specific time for each age group to attend their class. 

Tent Accessories and Supplies

Some essential accessories and supplies need to be in every tent to be suitable for living in a safe and decent manner as possible. These supplies are the following …

Donate a Tent for Refugees
Donate a Tent for Refugees 3

Insulating Mats 

Tents are highly affected by natural conditions in all seasons; that’s why we need to support these tents with insulating mats to keep these tents as safe as possible from the bad- uncontrolled winter conditions. Providing insulating mats will help keep refugees warm and dry through winter days.

Floor Protection 

It is a heat-resistant board or mat placed under the wooden stove. These floor protection heat shields are necessary to protect the tents’ walls and floors from damage and decrease the risk of fire.


It might sound like a simple, insignificant thing to you, but to refugees on winter days, it is everything they might be asking for and desperate to have. Therefore, all kinds of blankets in all forms and sizes are highly required for refugee camps, especially in winter.

Plastic Rain Insulating 

​Providing those plastic insulating covers in refugee camps often brings a sense of safety in the unbearable conditions of the cold, cruel winter. They provide thermal insulation, a complete tightness to light, and excellent insulation to wind and rain.

Inner Partition

It is the inner insulation within the tent – this inner partition is designed to separate the big tent into several parts where many families are living together in this tent – the inner partition provides privacy and safety for these families.


Heaters are an essential need for refugees in all camps – through the freezing nights of winter, heaters can be real life savers – every winter, babies, small children, and even elders die out of the freezing cold they were exposed to. Therefore, heaters are at the top of all priorities for refugee camps in winter. 

Donating a tent is among the greatest donations we can give out as winter moves in. 

Do your research, find a charity or organization who are involved with refugee camps, and contact them – whether close to where you live or through the internet – there are many organizations and local charities who are keen to provide tents with full supplies and accessories to refugee camps such like Bonyan Organization and many others.

Don’t hold back… Let’s be the warm, safe hands to their cold nights.


What Is a Refugee Camp?

Refugee camps are temporary settlements created to provide refugees with immediate aid and protection.

How Many People Usually Live In A Refugee Camp?

Hundred thousand people in some camps and even much more in others.

How Many People Live In Tents In Syria?

In northwest Syria, displaced Syrians makeup about two-thirds of the 4.1 million people living there. Almost 2.2 million people live in camps and 1.7 million of those live in tented settlements in a war zone.

What Do Refugees Need To Survive?

Clean water, good nutrition, clothing, medicine and healthcare, warm, safe household, and hygiene items.

What Are Some Challenges That Syrian Refugees Face?

Lack of safety and security, adequate housing, difficulties finding employment, loss of community support, and obtaining healthcare and essential supplies throughout the seasons.