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Yemeni refugees confront formidable challenges as winter descends, intensifying their already precarious situation. With temperatures plummeting below zero in various governorates, the harsh winter exacerbates the plight of displaced individuals.

The refugee community, disproportionately impacted by the pandemic-induced loss of livelihoods, faces heightened vulnerability during this season. The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) warns of a looming threat of famine, amplifying the urgency to address food shortages among internally displaced Yemenis.

Beyond the human toll, winter conditions also cast a shadow on the environment, affecting lives, livelihoods, and cultural practices. As millions in Yemen grapple with famine-like conditions, the situation is poised to worsen, emphasizing the pressing humanitarian concerns during the winter months.

In this article, we delve into the multifaceted effects of winter on Yemeni refugees, shedding light on the intersection of climate challenges, displacement crises, and the resilience of those facing adversity.

Multifaceted Challenges Faced by Yemenis in Winter

Winter in Yemen compounds the myriad challenges that Yemenis endure, further intensifying the already arduous living conditions shaped by years of persistent hardships.

Years of Immense Hardships

The protracted conflict, economic crises, heightened living costs, and the loss of livelihoods over the years form a complex tapestry of challenges. The enduring impact of these factors significantly deepens the struggles faced by Yemenis during the winter season.

As infrastructure crumbles and basic services become increasingly scarce, the ability to cope with the harsh winter becomes a critical concern for the vulnerable population.

Living Challenges on the Rise

The Houthi coup, coupled with the far-reaching consequences of climate change and various regional crises, contributes to the escalating living challenges among Yemenis during the winter months.

The political turmoil adds a layer of complexity, making it harder for communities to adapt and respond effectively to the changing climate conditions. Displacement, exacerbated by conflict, further strains the resilience of communities.

Agricultural Impact

Agrometeorological updates underscore the repercussions of winter on agriculture, food security, and nutrition. Reduced agricultural productivity during winter exacerbates food scarcity, with implications for the nutritional well-being of the population.

This cyclical impact perpetuates the vulnerability of communities, especially those reliant on agriculture for their sustenance.

Freezing Winters and Danger

Yemen’s transition from a predominantly dry and hot climate to harsh, freezing winters presents significant dangers for the population. The lack of adequate shelter and insufficient resources further expose individuals, especially vulnerable groups, to heightened health risks.

Respiratory illnesses, malnutrition, and other winter-related health concerns become prevalent, necessitating urgent intervention and support.

Ongoing Humanitarian Crisis

Nearly nine years of relentless war contribute to one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises.

As winter unfolds, communities continue to grapple with the multifaceted challenges stemming from the protracted conflict. The destruction of essential infrastructure, including healthcare facilities and schools, compounds the difficulties faced by the population.

Urgent and sustained international support is crucial to alleviate the human suffering and pave the way for lasting peace and recovery.

Donate a Winter Kit for Yemeni Refugees
Donate a Winter Kit for Yemeni Refugees 4

Essential Winter Items for Yemenis

To help Yemenis endure the winter season, providing essential items is crucial. Winter care kits typically include:

Blankets: Providing warmth and insulation, blankets are essential for combating the cold temperatures during winter.

Warm Clothing: Including coats, jackets, hats, scarves, and gloves to protect individuals from the chilling weather.

Heating Fuel: Ensuring access to heating fuel for families to keep their living spaces warm and comfortable.

Thermal Bedding: Specialized bedding designed to retain body heat and provide added warmth during the cold nights.

Insulated Shelter Materials: Enhancing the insulation of shelters to minimize heat loss and protect against the cold.

Winter Boots: Keeping feet warm and dry, especially important in areas where rain or snow is common.

Emergency Food Supplies: Nutrient-rich and easy-to-store food items to address potential shortages during winter.

Medical Supplies: Including cold and flu medications, as winter often brings an increase in illnesses.

Lighting Sources: Such as lanterns or flashlights with batteries to provide illumination during longer nights.

Hygiene Kits: Basic personal hygiene items, including soap, toothpaste, and sanitary products, to maintain health and well-being.

Children’s Essentials: Special attention to items like warm clothing, blankets, and age-appropriate winter gear for children.

Educational Materials: Ensuring access to educational resources, especially for children, to continue learning despite winter challenges.

Donate a Winter Kit for Yemeni Refugees
Donate a Winter Kit for Yemeni Refugees 5

Bonyan Organization’s Winter Assistance for Yemen

In the face of the harsh Yemeni winter, Bonyan stands unwavering in our commitment to provide essential aid and support to those in need.

Through our Shelter and Non-alimentary Aid Program, urgent shelter assistance has been a beacon of hope for vulnerable Yemeni families, offering refuge from the cold. Winterization kits, containing vital clothing, have been distributed to 456,335 individuals, ensuring they are equipped to face the chilling temperatures.

The Emergency Response Program remains on high alert, responding swiftly to critical situations, such as flood risks, demonstrating our dedication to the well-being of the Yemeni community.

Join us in this crucial mission to bring warmth and relief to those facing the challenges of winter in Yemen. Your support today not only provides immediate relief but contributes to a more resilient and secure tomorrow for Yemenis enduring the winter hardships.

Together, let’s build a foundation of warmth and hope for Yemeni families.


What is Bonyan Organization’s focus in Yemen during winter?

Bonyan Organization actively supports Yemeni refugees during winter through its Winter Relief Assistance Program, providing urgent shelter, winterization kits, and essential clothing to vulnerable populations in need.

How can individuals contribute to Bonyan’s efforts for Yemeni refugees in winter?

Donations to Bonyan Organization’s Winter Relief Assistance Program, including contributions towards winter kits for Yemeni refugees, play a crucial role in extending warmth and support during the cold season.

How can I help Yemenis survive the harsh winter?

Donating to winter relief programs is a crucial way to assist Yemenis facing the cold season. Organization like Bonyan have initiatives to provide essential support.

Can you donate clothes to Yemen?

Yes. You can donate clothes to Yemen