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Challenges for Refugees in Winter

With each winter, the suffering of the residents of the camps for the displaced worsens. The rain that falls on their dilapidated tents and the cold infiltrating their bodies increases their sorrow. Perhaps the most difficult journey the displaced suffer in the winter is searching for warmth.

Refugee Students in Winter

Education is essential for refugee children to build a better future for their families and other refugees worldwide.

Many refugee schools are located in camps, and while the schools are in camps, they are in tent form, so students suffer the mud and rainwater leakage to their schools.

Students in schools don’t have the basic needs to face the winter, and the lack of heating increases the suffering of winter.

Families in Camps

Refugee camps are temporary facilities built to provide immediate protection and assistance to people forced to flee their homes due to war, persecution, or violence. While camps are not established to provide permanent solutions, they offer a haven for refugees and meet their most basic needs, such as food, water, shelter, medical treatment, and other essential services during emergencies, unless some families face a harsh winter in camps because of the lack of supplies that help the refugees survive and have an easier winter.

Bonyan Organization Responds to the Winter Crisis

People in camps always need help and support. At the Bonyan organization, we are trying to be with people and give them all their needs to have a better life by providing the necessities they need.

Distributing Winter Supplies to Refugees

Refugees always need winter supplies, and we are working to provide them to refugees in camps.

Refugees need:

  • Blankets.
  • Mattresses.
  • Winter clothes.
  • Plastic sheets.
  • Containers to store water and fuel.
  • Fuel and coal.
  • Hygiene kits.
  • Solar lights.

Distributing Winter Kits to Refugees

As winter comes, refugees will face multiple difficulties. With our help, we can help them skip the winter easily. Donating winter kits for refugees and displaced people will help them to stay warm in cold winter. Winter kits are essential, especially for people living in camps or places that are not like “Home.” Keep in mind that winter disasters are the most dangerous for children and weak people, so they always need our help to stay safe and warm.

Our primary responsibility is to help people have warm winter and stay safe from winter disasters.

Donating to refugees in camps could protect them from possible diseases and save their lives.

At Bonyan organization, we help people with different supplies and try to reach people worldwide to provide assistance and necessary needs.


What Do Refugees Need Most in Winter?

– Refugees need:
– Blankets.
– Mattresses.
– Winter clothes.
– Plastic sheets.
– Containers to store water and fuel.
– Fuel and coal.
– Hygiene kits.
– Solar lights.

How Can We Save Refugees’ Lives in Winter?

You can save the lives of refugees in winter through donations.

How Can We Help These Refugees?

You can help refugees by donating to them.

What are the Five Basic Needs of Refugees?

Health, nutrition, WASH, food, and shelter.

Do Refugees Need Blankets?

Yes. They do.

How Do You Make a Refugee Feel Welcome?

By asking them about their needs and trying to provide as much of them as you can.

What Food and Supplies Do Refugees Need?

– Dried food and canned food.
– Babies’ food.
– Blankets.
– Mattresses.
– Winter clothes.
– Plastic sheets and more.

What Kind of Support Do Refugees Need?

You can support refugees by providing them with their essential needs.