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Assist Refugee with a Place to Housing

Home is where people have their memories and their childhood; it is where a person feels safe and secure with their beloved ones.

When a refugee leaves his home, he no longer has any other place to live. 

Refugees are always facing the houseless in the world because when they get into a new place, they don’t have any relations or people to help them.

It is essential to help and provide houses for refugees because, in addition to the war and all the disasters they faced, they need a home to stay in at the end of the day.

Volunteering to Help Refugees

Helping people must be an essential part of our lives because it adds value to our personality; among a lot of good things, it teaches us how to be kind to others and to realize how blessed we are as we watch how other people are living their lives in many other different places.

There are many organizations that help refugees and provide them with the basic needs they want.

Volunteering with organizations gives you a chance to refugees to have a better life.

There are many ways to help refugees by volunteering:

  • Make donations.
  • Raise awareness.
  • Build local schools.
  • Make social activities for children and adults
  • Help them to get involved with the community.

Assist Refugee with Integration

It is suitable for all people to integrate with the new community they came to; it adds to our personality’s unique characteristics, which help us to communicate with people and belong to the new place, as well as help us to develop ourselves and grow up to add value to the community we live in.


The integration of refugees is a dynamic, two-way process that demands work from all parties involved. This includes refugees’ readiness to adapt to the host society without giving up their cultural identity, and corresponding readiness on the part of host communities and public institutions to welcome refugees and meet the needs of a diverse population.

The integration process is complex and gradual, with different but connected legal, economic, social, and cultural components. Each is crucial for refugees’ ability to properly integrate as equal host culture members.

Assist Refugee with Employment

Employment is essential for the people who leave their homes in case of war and start a new life in a different place because it helps them improve themselves in the new community and helps them to have new healthy relations with other people.

Refugees have very challenging difficulty getting jobs. Some people left war-torn nations before completing their education. Others are highly qualified professionals who are having trouble getting their credentials recognized.

Our mission is to help refugees find and have jobs in their new country.

Engage and Assist With Awareness and Fundraising Events

You can help refugees by getting engaged with fundraising events.

There are many ideas you can apply to help:

  • Tell a story; everyone has their special story to tell, and we need to know their stories.
  • Use peer-to-peer fundraising. 
  • Try crowdfunding; it can be fun if done with our own community of friends and family members or even with our colleagues at work. 
  • Engage with donors on social media, as it is a wide area to engage a huge number of participants to share doing good deeds for those in need.
  • Send emails; don’t hold back! Everyone has a long list of e-mail addresses, so why not use them for charitable campaigns via emails? We never know who responds and how many.
  • Run product campaigns; it is as easy as it sounds. Running product campaigns is easy, fun, vivid, and can raise a good amount of fundraising.
  • Run contests; Be creative. There are many ideas and activities, mental and physical, that we can turn into contests and encourage others to participate.  
  • Create a sense of urgency; many people globally genuinely do not know about refugees and refugee life. How can we, as people, help and be part of this community if we do not work on raising awareness and creating a sense of urgency for what refugees are going through? 

Donating to help people is like appreciating what Allah is giving us and how Allah is leading and blessing our life to be the best.

You can donate to refugees by Bonyan organization which provides for all the needs of refugees worldwide.

Bonyan is one of the few organizations that provide help in all ways, and you can donate basically by the website and see what they offer from the social media accounts.



What Do Refugees Need Most?

– Health. 
– Nutrition. 
– Food. 
– Shelter.
– Energy. 
– Education.

How can I Help Refugees in My Area?

By donating online or by asking refugees about their needs.

How Do You Make a Refugee Feel Welcome?

By helping them and providing them with their basic needs.

How Can We Help Refugees in the Community?

By donating life’s essential needs to them.

How Can I Help a Refugee Settle?

By providing houses or safe places for them to stay.

Can I Host a Refugee?

Yes. You can host a refugee.

Can I Sponsor a Refugee?

Yes. You can sponsor a refugee.