Urgent Support Needed for Palestinian Families-Act Now

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🚫 Disclaimer:

Due to the situation in Gaza, our Bonyan team on the ground is facing severe challenges in movement. The extensive bombings have rendered roads impassable, and any visible movement poses the risk of being targeted. The current circumstances make it impossible for Bonyan and other organizations to move and operate effectively without putting the workers’ lives at risk.

Rest assured, once conditions allow safe movement, the Bonyan team will deliver the aid that you have generously donated, fulfilling our promise to provide essential assistance to those in need. We appreciate your understanding and continued support during these challenging times.

Stand against Oppression in Palestine Urgent Humanitarian Relief Needed

Immediate Aid and Unwavering Compassion

As we witness the heart-wrenching events unfold in Palestine, with Israel having destroyed large areas of the Gaza Strip, our brothers and sisters face an intensified humanitarian crisis.  A crisis that is not new but has taken an even more devastating turn.

With the recent renewal of bombings and ongoing blockades, Palestinians in areas like Gaza confront life-threatening challenges, from unending bombings to prolonged shortages of basic necessities such as food, water, and healthcare.

Urgent Support Needed for Palestinian Families-Act Now

Navigating the complexities on the ground:

Amid the indiscriminate bombing and persistent blockades, the inhabitants of Gaza have been forced out of their homes and are dealing with the dire repercussions of fuel shortages, affecting water and electricity to hospitals. 

Since October 7th, 2023, Israeli forces have been implementing a full-scale assault on the Gaza Strip, leaving a death toll of over 18,000, and many more now injured and homeless! 

The Hospitals in Palestine now grapple with shortages of medical supplies. Those who were injured in the bombings must undergo medical operations without anesthesia!

Urgent Support Needed for Palestinian Families-Act Now

Your involvement can make a tangible difference:

We aim to raise $500,000 USD to provide immediate and long-term relief to the Palestinians. These funds will address:

  • Fuel Shortages: The scarcity of fuel restricts the use of water pumps and electricity, severely hindering the operation of hospitals.
  • Food and Shelter: Many Palestinians were driven out of their homes overnight with no place to go, and no food to eat.
  • Infrastructure Strain: The infrastructure of Gaza has been decimated by some of the worst bombings seen in modern history.
Urgent Support Needed for Palestinian Families-Act Now

Your support can be transformative:

  • Donate: Every contribution, regardless of its size, helps address these critical needs.
  • Spread the Word: Use your voice. Share this campaign across platforms, with friends, and within your communities.
  • Partnerships: Organizations and groups can amplify the impact by partnering with us for on-ground operations.
  • Stay Informed: Stay updated on the evolving situation in Palestine and the multifaceted challenges the inhabitants face.

About Bonyan

Bonyan is an independent, non-governmental, and non-profit organization dedicated to building human capacity and rehabilitating war-torn communities across the Middle East.

Established in 2014, Bonyan is licensed and authorized in three countries – Turkey, Spain, and the United States. Our commitment to education, protection, WASH programs, early recovery, social empowerment, and integration has made a tangible impact on those affected by conflict.

We believe in working with local communities, partners, and stakeholders to achieve shared goals and create lasting change. Learn More About Bonyan…

Integrity is at the forefront of our mission. Be assured that each contribution will be directed to the areas of utmost need. We are in alliance with credible NGOs and dedicated volunteers in Palestine, ensuring efficient and effective distribution of aid.