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Respect the Homeless

One of the best ways to help the homeless is by showing them respect. And talk to them while you are looking into their eyes. That gives them a feeling that they are meaningful. 

Respond With Kindness and a Smile

We don’t have to make homeless people feel inferior. We should be kind and smile back at them. 

Also, our beloved Prophet said…

“Your smiling in your brother’s face is charity. Commanding good and forbidding evil is charity”

Because smiling builds trust within people and makes them feel better.

Respond With Kindness and a Smile

Give Food

Giving food to homeless people is a charity. Homeless people are those who have no place to go and maybe needed food. Sometimes, when you give food to homeless people, you are doing charity. 

Give Charity and Sadaqah

Charity to homeless people counts as Sadaqah, and Sadaqah has many benefits.

Sadaqah makes us closer as a community. It gives our life a higher purpose and a stronger desire to do what is better for the homeless and gives the homeless the hope to seek a better future for themselves. 

Many charities work on receiving, classifying, and distributing second-hand items and clothes to the homeless and needy. You can donate your used things to one of these charities, or you can donate them yourself directly to homeless people.

Give Recyclables 

Many homeless people collect recyclables, and giving them your recyclables will help them earn more money.


Volunteering helps homeless people in many different ways…

  • Donate the necessities.
  • Offer your skills.
  •  Lead a campaign at work or school.
  • Participate in a Point-in-Time Count. 
  • Become a street outreach program.


If you don’t have time to volunteer, or you want to volunteer with your family and friends, you can make packages from grocery stores and give them to homeless people. If you’re not sure what to include, start with travel-sized toiletries and fresh socks.

Offering Aid

One of the greatest gifts you have to give is helping a homeless person find aid. This can come in many forms like:

  1. Helping them to find employment.
  2. Aiding them in finding a local shelter.
  3. Recruiting local businesses to organize food and clothing drives.
  4. Assisting them in finding government assistance programs.
  5. Give out gift cards to food and grocery stores.
  6. Provide a bus pass or card.

However, rather than push aid on a person, make sure it’s what they are looking for. Getting to know the person and what they need can point you to the best way to help them.

Advocate and Raise Awareness

We all have to advocate and raise awareness for homelessness and help them find jobs and have a better life.

Take the Children for an Outing 

You can offer an outing for children or organize some exercises for homeless children in your neighborhood.

If you don’t have time for non of the choices mentioned above,  you can donate your money to some organizations that can help poor and homeless people.

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What Do Homeless People Need Most?

Homeless people need money the most.

Why Should We Help the Homeless?

Because homeless people have an increased incidence of transmissible infectious illnesses like tuberculosis.

Should We Give Beggars Money?

Whether or not people give money to beggars is a personal decision, but a simple act of kindness can be to those in desperate circumstances.

What Do You Put in a Homeless Blessing Bag?

1- Socks.
2- Toothbrush + Toothpaste.
3- First-aid kit, band-aids, and antibiotic ointment.

Who Are Homeless People?

A homeless person is an individual. Without permanent housing they may live on the streets, stay in a shelter, mission, single-room occupancy facilities, abandoned building or vehicle, or in any other unstable or non-permanent situation.