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Many elderly refugees are suffering from many medical complications, which are worsened by the hard living conditions in the camps. 

Those older refugees suffer from many chronic diseases and mental conditions. 

Yet, there is an acute scarcity of medications and healthcare services available to them. 

The Importance of elderly care: Why donate?

Reaching old age is an inevitable part of our lives. 

It is a phase where we feel mostly dependent on others for getting our basic needs, such as being fed or dressed or even taken to the bathroom. 

Most importantly, old age is a stage of our lives where we need special medical care for the diseases and health complications that our bodies will be prone to at this point in life. 

Moreover, the aging population is most likely to have a higher rate of chronic diseases, physical disabilities, and mental challenges than other age groups.

Some of the illnesses most prevalent among the elderly include:

  1. Cancer.
  1. Hypertension.
  1. Osteoporosis.
  1. Diabetes Mellitus.

However, in most of the developed countries, elderly people are more taken care of than in other less developed countries, especially those hit by war and poverty. 

Among those are indeed the less fortunate refugee communities, which fall short of the basic facilities, let alone the proper medical care for the elderly. 

That is why your donations will help them get access to the healthcare services they need at this stage of life.

Different types of elderly care facilities and services that can benefit from donations

Different types of elderly care facilities include the following:

  1. Adult day programs: These kinds of programs offer seniors supervision and care. These kinds of programs also offer old people the opportunity to participate in personal and social activities. 
  1. Independent living facilities: These kinds of facilities offer older people to rent or purchase an apartment within a campus equipped with recreational and social activities.
  1. Assisted living facilities: These usually refer to residential care, community-based retirement care, and adult foster care facilities.
  1. Nursing homes: These kinds of homes provide persistent care to aging people round the clock.
  1. Dementia care (Alzheimer’s) facilities: These kinds of facilities provide comprehensive medical care assistance on a daily basis and are staffed with a skilled, professional nursing team on site
Donate for Elderly Care
Donate for Elderly Care 3

Challenges faced by elderly care institutions and how donations can help

Some obstacles and challenges the elderly care institutions face today in many parts of the world include the following:

  • Negative attitudes towards older people due to outdated stereotypes.
  • Lack of resources necessary for medical care services.
  • Lack of knowledge and professionals specialized in caring for the elderly.
  • Inappropriate environments that are not equipped with the needed facilities to care for seniors.

Your donations will help overcome these challenges by spreading awareness of the importance of elderly care. 

In addition, your generous donations will equip these facilities with the necessary medical care equipment needed for the elderly.

Innovative approaches to elderly care that can be supported through donations

Some innovations that can help the aging population include:

  1. Smart hearing aids.
  2. Face-controlled wheelchairs.
  3. Smartly censored diapers.
  4. Smart shower systems.
  5. Smart walking sticks.

These innovative healthcare technologies will certainly help improve the quality of life of the aging population.

Ensuring effective use of donations in elderly care

At Bonyan Organization, rest assured that your donation will be in safe hands.

 We make sure to provide all age groups with the needed healthcare services, especially the elderly population, since they are mostly in need of it

Unfortunately, many of the older refugees in the refugee camps are not receiving the healthcare they need due to financial and structural obstacles. 

Nevertheless, this aging population among refugees is suffering from chronic diseases, mental issues, and other health complications that make their lives harder. 

Help us equip the refugee camps and medical points located near them with skilled nursing staff and the medical care needed

The impact of donations on the quality of life of elderly people

Your donations will have a great impact on improving the quality of life of the elderly people in the refugee camps.

 By providing them with the medical care they need, we help alleviate their suffering at the last stage of their lives.

With their suffering compounded by the deteriorating living conditions in these camps, your donations will definitely help ease senior refugees’ lives and mitigate their pain

Anas bin Malik narrated that the Prophet (PBUH) said: “No young person honors an elder due to his age, except that Allah appoints for him one who will honor him at that age,” (Jami` at-Tirmidhi ).

How donations can help address issues of social isolation and loneliness among elderly people

Towards the end of their lives, many older people suffer from mental health problems due to their loneliness and the pain inflicted upon them as a result of their illnesses. Also, some of the common mental health care problems among the elderly include:

  1. Anxiety disorder.
  1. Dementia.
  1. Psychosis.
  1. Sleep and behavioral disorders.
  1. Cognitive deterioration.

Therefore, we urge you to help our efforts at Bonyan, to honor our seniors and offer them support during this critical stage of their lives! 



What can you help elderly people with?

You can help the elderly people with donations to provide them with the healthcare they need in the final stage of their lives. 

How do you show love to an elderly person?

You can show love to an elderly person through the following actions:
Words of affirmation.
Providing them with the gifts they like.
Spending quality time with them.
Doing simple acts of service to them.
Physical touch.

What do elderly need most?

Elderly people need the most help with the following:
Personal care.

How do you make an elderly person feel valued?

You can make an elderly person feel valued by:
Showing appreciation.
Listening to them.
Making sure that the environments they spend time in are comfortable.
Providing them with protection.