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Yemen is a Starving Country

The conflict and economic decline have left millions of families facing hunger and struggling to find enough food to get through the day. 

Over five million people in Yemen are on the brink of famine. The current hunger level in Yemen is unprecedented, and it is causing severe hardship for millions of people.

The Current Level of Hunger in Yemen

Yemen is living on the brink of famine. A percentage of 45% of Yemen’s population, an estimated 16.2 million people, are acutely malnourished.

Food Security Situation

Even with food assistance, the population in Yemen is acutely food insecure.

Thousands of Yemenis are skipping days without eating or scavenging wild or harmful foods.

  • (11) Million people have reached ‘crisis’ levels of food insecurity.
  • (5) million people have reached ‘emergency’ levels of food insecurity.
  • (47) thousand people have reached ‘catastrophe’ or famine-like levels of food insecurity.

Yemenis Women and Children

The rate of child malnutrition is one of the highest globally, and the nutrition situation continues to deteriorate.

A recent survey showed that almost one-third of families in Yemen have gaps in their diets and hardly ever consume decent nutritious food.

Only 15 percent of children eat the minimum acceptable diet for survival, growth, and development.

UNICEF – Yemen

Malnutrition rates among women and children in Yemen remain the highest globally, with 1.2 million pregnant or breastfeeding women and 2.3 million children under 5 requiring treatment for acute malnutrition. 

Yemenis Women and Children are facing hunger

Nutrition Assistance

Daily food for families is crucial in preventing famine in Yemen. We, as individuals, communities, charities and organizations can support the population in Yemen through donations and emergency interventions by;

  • Distributing thousands of food baskets to communities facing extreme hunger and displacement.
  • Providing specialized food packages to malnourished children for specific dietary needs.

Poverty in Yemen

Yemen has suffered from poor economic growth since 1998. However, the conflict that began in 2015 increased the depth of poverty by 600%, showing the relationship between conflict and poverty in Yemen. 

Poverty is worsening: whereas before the crisis, it affected almost half of Yemen’s total population of about 29 million, now it affects an estimated three-quarters of it (71%) to (78%) of Yemenis.

Bonyan Response

Economic Situation

The humanitarian situation in Yemen is extremely fragile, and any disruption in the pipeline of critical supplies such as food, fuel, and medicines has the potential to bring millions of people closer to starvation and death.

Unfortunately, statistics are skewed to the downside, with the currency crisis, the deteriorating state of the oil tanker, disjointed economic policies in the divided areas, and the lack of a ceasefire.

All these facts constrain the improvement and stability of the financial situation in Yemen and prevent economic growth.

Bonyan Response

As an essential part of their dedication to the people in Yemen, Bonyan Organization customed food baskets and nutritional supplements for Yemenis.

Bonyan distributes food baskets that meet the nutritional needs of a family of five people for a whole month and the daily requirement for bread for hundreds of needy families.

As for Ramadan and Eid al-Adha, Bonyan has certain procedures; where they divide and distribute the sacrificial meat and Zakat donations to help the poorest and most needy people in Yemen.  


Why is There a Hunger Crisis in Yemen?

There is a hunger crisis in Yemen due to the conflict and economic decline, which have left families struggling to find enough food to get through the day.

How Does Hunger Affect Yemen?

After five years of continuous war, 20 million people in Yemen suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Two-thirds of all Yemenis are hungry. Nearly half do not know when they will eat next. Hunger has depleted the entire community in Yemen.

Why Is There Poverty in Yemen?

Half of the population lives on less than two dollars per day. The main reason for poverty in Yemen is a lack of essential resources, such as water, healthcare, and education. Rural and remote areas make it physically, intellectually, economically, and socially isolated from the rest of the region.

Is Yemen One of The Poorest Countries in The World?

Yes, it is. Yemen has one of the highest population growth rates globally and is one of the most food-insecure countries globally. Approximately 45% of the population is food insecure, and Yemen’s scarce water resources are far below the regional average.