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Years of Conflict in Yemen

Seven years after the war outbreak, Yemenis still suffer from its devastating consequences. Data collected in 2015 shows that more than 19,000 civilians have been killed and injured due to airstrikes alone. The most casualties within one month since the beginning of the war were recorded in 2022, with 139 dead and 187 wounded people. The economic effects of the war and lack of funding for the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan have caused a widespread need among Yemeni citizens and led to 17 million people facing acute food insecurity. In addition, over 20 million people need urgent humanitarian assistance.

Best Way to Help Yemeni People

Most of the population (80%) needs emergency relief and humanitarian aid. However, shipments of food and fuel are being blocked from entering the country regularly, leaving hospitals without diesel fuel for generating electricity during power cuts and ambulances running out of gas. Essential drugs and medical supplies have also been depleted due to this continued prevention. To help those in need, donations can be made by anyone who wishes to aid them in their time of distress.

Best Way to Help Yemeni People

How to Help Children and Women in Yemen 

Children under five face malnutrition and health facilities that cannot provide adequate support in some areas where access is difficult or impossible. As a result of escalating battles starting back in 2015, nearly 300 schools were destroyed through violence or used for military purposes leading families to stop sending their children to school due to fear or poverty. The impact has been immense; hundreds of thousands of children now do not attend any educational institutions at all.

The damage and closure of schools are threatening children’s access to education, rendering them vulnerable to serious protection concerns.

UNICEF __ Yemen

Yemens health crisis is one of the worst globally; there are many contributors, but one major factor is the blockade imposed on Yemen over six years ago, which destroyed its infrastructure and healthcare system.

How to Help Children and Women in Yemen

Women and children are particularly vulnerable because they are more likely to suffer from diseases related to poverty, such as malaria, chronic respiratory illnesses, diarrhea, etcetera; since there are no hospitals or medical facilities available, they often give birth at home without any guidance from medical professionals resulting in death for both mother and baby due to hemorrhages or infections during childbirth.

The education sector has also been heavily affected: it was already close to collapsing even before 2015 when armed conflict began – with up to 75% school destruction reported in certain areas – making it even worse for those living there today as many students cannot receive quality education due to lack of resources or safety concerns. Donations can be made for education by providing necessary school supplies such as books or funds for teachers to continue offering their students quality instruction despite the difficult conditions imposed by this devastating conflict.

Donate for Education in Yemen

Bonyan Projects and Appeals in Yemen 

Fortunately, organizations like Bonyan have put aside specific resources such as medicines and necessary supplies so they can be distributed amongst those who need them most in Yemen – including payment for medical examinations if needed, drugs costs, minor surgical costs if necessary, plus food baskets containing enough nutrition for a family up five per month plus daily bread provided for hundreds of needy families every day as well as Zakat al-Fitr/Eid al-Adha sacrifices delivered every year so that disadvantaged groups remain supported throughout these trying times.


Helping Yemeni People is Everyone’s Duty

It is our duty as global citizens to stand with people from Yemen during these times; we should raise awareness of what is happening there so that more individuals can learn about it through social media campaigns or other similar channels while also contributing financially by donating whatever we can afford so those affected by it receive much-needed aid faster than ever before – whether it be money donated directly towards humanitarian causes or items such as clothes/food/medicines etcetera which might help make someone’s life just a bit easier during these challenging times – all add up in order achieve something incredible!

We must keep fighting together until things start improving again; let us hope that day comes soon!

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