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SDGs Meaning

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs, also known as the Global Goals) are 17 goals with 169 targets that all UN Member States have agreed to work towards achieving by the year 2030. They set out a vision for a world free from poverty, hunger, and disease.

Health has a central place in S.D.G. 3, “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages,” underpinned by 13 targets covering a broad spectrum of WHO’s work.

Almost all of the other 16 goals are related to health, or their achievement will contribute to health indirectly.

The SDGs aim to be relevant to all countries – poor, rich, and middle-income – to promote prosperity while protecting the environment and tackling climate change. They have a strong focus on improving equity to meet the needs of women, children, and disadvantaged populations in particular so that “no one is left behind’’.

SDGs Meaning

Bonyan Participation in Sustainable Development

Bonyan organization has set a fine line to how they will participate in the sustainable development goals to decrease the suffering of millions in many countries. 

No Poverty

The 2030 Agenda recognizes that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, is the greatest global challenge and indispensable for achieving sustainable development.

The first goal of the Sustainable Development Goals aims to “eradicate poverty in all its forms everywhere”; The associated seven targets aim to,

  • Eliminate extreme poverty for all people everywhere.
  • Halve at least the proportion of men, women, and children of all ages living in poverty.
  • Implement nationally appropriate social protection systems and measures for all, including Setting minimum limits for it.
  • Achieving broad coverage of the poor and vulnerable by 2030.

Zero Hunger

Every day, many men and women worldwide struggle to provide their children with nutritious meals.

In a world where we produce enough food to feed everyone, 690 million people still sleep on an empty stomach each night.

Acute food insecurity affected 135 million people in 55 countries in 2019.

Even worse, one in three people suffers from some form of malnutrition.

Ending hunger and malnutrition is one of the formidable challenges we face today.

Inadequate or unhealthy food causes people suffering and poor health and slows progress in many other areas of development such as education and employment.

In 2015, the global community adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to improve people’s lives by 2030. The second goal is: 

  1. Ending hunger.
  2. Providing food security.
  3. Improving nutrition.
  4. And promoting sustainable agriculture, and this goal is a priority for the World Food Program.

Bonyan Participation in Sustainable Development

Good Health and Well Being

During the last 15 years, children-death-number has halved. This proves that it is possible to win the fight against any disease we face. The new goal for global good health is to boost healthy lifestyles, preventive measures, and modern, efficient healthcare.

Quality Education

Education liberates the intellect, unlocks the imagination, and is fundamental for self-respect. It is the key to prosperity and opens a world of opportunities, making it possible for each of us to contribute to a progressive, healthy society. Learning benefits every human being and should be available to all. We work to improve the quality of education and strengthen the values to contribute to the rise of society.

Clean Water and Sanitation 

One in three people lives without sanitation. This is causing unnecessary disease and death. Although tremendous strides have been made with access to clean drinking water, lack of sanitation undermines these advances. If we provide affordable equipment and education in hygiene practices, we can stop this senseless suffering and loss of life.

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What Are the 17 Goals of Sustainable Development?

No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health, and Well-being. 
Quality Education, Gender Equality, Clean Water, and Sanitation
Affordable and Clean Energy.
Decent Work and Economic Growth.
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.
Reduced Inequality.
Sustainable Cities and Communities.
Responsible Consumption and Production.
Climate Action, Life Below Water, Life on Land.
Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.
Partnerships for the Goals.

What Is the Main Goal of Sustainable Development?

End poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

What Are S.D.G. Targets and Indicators?

The Sustainable Development Goals, set by the United Nations, also known as the 2030 Global Agenda, is a global vision and call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all peoples enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.