Provide clean water for refugees in need.


Water constitutes a fundamental human entitlement, an essential requirement for life. Numerous refugees face challenges in securing dependable outlets for uncontaminated, secure water.

Drinking when parched, cleansing infants, maintaining daily ablutions – whatever the purpose, water remains indispensable.

Join us in providing water to those in need.

Our water initiatives contribute to the achievement of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6:

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Water is Life

Why do we need to help refugees access clean water?

  • The lack of rain and bad water management are making rivers dry, causing more problems for the needy families.
  • Their struggle is further aggravated by a lack of sufficient water trucks and the high cost of external suppliers. The people trapped in this crisis are in desperate need.

How we help refugees access clean water?

We, at Bonyan Organization, are taking action by:

  • Drilling wells to extract abundant clean water.
  • Extending pipes to areas currently lacking necessary infrastructure.

Why Clean Water?

  1. Prevention of Water-Borne Illnesses: 
    Clean, purified water drastically reduces the incidence of diseases like cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, and polio, all of which stem from contaminated water sources.As a result, every year, 3.575 million people die due to complications of diseases related to drinking unclean, unsafe water.
  2. Enhanced Sanitation Standards: 
    Purified water is essential not only for drinking but also for washing food and our bodies. It helps maintain sanitation and reduces the risk of illness even if absorbed or ingested indirectly.
  1. Hydration and Detoxification: 
    The human body, made up of 60% water, needs clean water for proper hydration, promoting cardiovascular health, temperature regulation, muscular and joint functionality, and optimal kidney function. Hydration with purified water also aids in flushing toxins from the body.
  1. Improved Agriculture and Food Production:
    Clean water used in irrigation ensures safe crops, free from bacteria and diseases. This results in safer food sources and a healthier populace.
  2. Better Women’s Health:
    Providing nearby, clean water in developing communities eases the physical strain on women who usually fetch water, enhancing their overall health.
addressing Water and Sanitation Needs

Why Should You Help? 

  • Each bottle of water you provide is a lifeline for those struggling for survival.
  • Every individual saved from thirst is a testament to your kindness and humanity.
  • Your support helps maintain their hygiene, restoring their dignity in these challenging times.
  • Fulfilling their basic needs cultivates hope and relief, reminding them that compassionate people like you are standing in their corner.

Make a Difference Today: 

Join us in this humanitarian endeavor. Let’s remind these individuals that they are not forgotten, and we stand by them in unity and empathy.

Each donation you make plants a seed of hope that will continue to give back, creating a legacy for you and your loved ones in Africa, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen.

Your support can quench a thirst, save a life, and build a legacy.

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