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After the war in Syria, many families had to leave their homes and resort to tents or other temporary and uninhabitable places, thus, families do need to build new habitable homes.

The Syrian refugee crisis has been going on for over 11 years now.

There are over five million refugees who are displaced and in need of homes

They have left their homes and are now seeking refuge in other countries.

But there is not enough housing for them all. To help with this issue, some organizations are building homes for Syrian refugees.

These homes will be built in areas where other refugees live; the problem is that these homes take time to build, and the refugee crisis has been going on for years now.

Syrian Refugees’ Conditions in Camps in North-West Syria

An estimated 2.8 million people are internally displaced in northwestern Syria.

There are about 1.7 million displaced people in 1,400 displacement sites, of whom 80 percent are women and children, and approximately 46,000 have special needs.

Conditions in Syrian refugee camps are a nightmare. There isn’t enough food, so expired food is distributed, leaving people sick. There isn’t enough space to accommodate the influx of refugees; many people have to share a tent to sleep. There’s a lack of medical supplies and educational resources. The lack of resources has resulted in children not being educated and some simple medical issues not being solved.

Conditions in Camps in North-West Syria

The Importance of Building Houses for Syrian Refugees 

A good home provides protection; children are less at risk of violence and sexual abuse.

They are less likely to be forced into child labor and married off at a young age. 

A home ensures that displaced people have better access to humanitarian aid.

Countries worldwide have been working together to provide aid and assistance to those displaced by this war. One such effort is the construction of houses for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey. These initiatives are financed by several organizations.

Build a Safe Shelter for Refugees

The world has seen a lot of refugees fleeing from their homes because of war and natural disasters in recent years.

It is the duty of every human to help those who are in need. We should not be scared to help those who have been forced to leave their homes because of war or natural disasters.

Helping refugees is a moral duty that we should all take up as our responsibility.

Lands and House Ownership 

Before starting housing projects that help refugees leave the camps, it is necessary to ascertain the ownership of the land upon which the residential communities are being built.

It can be confirmed by the town’s local council in which we will build the assembly. Lands are divided into two types:

  1. Public property.
  2. Private property.

If the land is public property, permission can be obtained from the state to start construction. If the land is private property, it must be purchased from its owners.

House ownership

The Beneficiaries From House-Buildings 

Houses are distributed to the people in the camps according to their most urgent needs. The priority is given to…

  1. The elderly people.
  2. The sick people.
  3. People with special needs.
  4. Widowers with children.
  5. And families with children.

These needy people cannot always bear the harsh winter cold and summer heat or the most harmful of those whose tents were damaged during the winter due to storms and snow.

The Best Area to Build Houses for Refugees

The best area to build homes for refugees is where the resources and jobs are. Refugees must be given the opportunity to live in a safe and stable environment, with access to health care, education, job opportunities, and public services. Reconstruction projects should not be based on agricultural lands that can be used.

If you want to donate and help refugees, there are many organizations, like Bonyan Organization. You can donate to reconstruction projects by these organizations. 

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What Are the Conditions Like in the Syrian Refugee Camps?

Refugee camps are often unhygienic due to crowding and lack of infrastructure, leading to a high incidence of infectious diseases and epidemics.

What Are the Main Problems In Refugee Camps?

There are many problems facing the refugees in camps:
1- Traumatic Stress.
2- Acculturation Stress.
3- Resettlement Stress.
4- Isolation.

What Do Syrian Refugees Live In?

Most Syrian refugees in the neighboring countries live in urban areas, with only 1 out of 20 accommodated in a refugee camp.

Do Syrian Refugees Want to Move to Building Houses?

Yes, The refugees want to move to build houses because living in a camp has many difficulties.