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The Objective of Emergency Flood Assistance

Floods and landslides are one of the worst natural disasters people can face.

They have massive destructive power and leave vast numbers of victims every time they occur.

Throughout history, floods have killed millions of lives and caused substantial damaging outcomes, affecting many countries worldwide.

Although flood risk is high and expected to occur in some countries around the world like the Netherlands, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Philipines; however, other countries which have a medium chance of floods have become riskier after being overwhelmed with the destruction of war and armed conflicts such as Northern Syria, Syrian-Jordanian and Syrian-Lebanese borders, in addition to Yemen and Palestine

Here are some of the objectives of emergency flood assistance are:

  • To reduce the risks of floods and maintain people’s safety.
  • To limit the extent of disruption and damage.
  • To avoid the environmental impacts of flood hazard management.
  • And to minimize the economic impact of the interruption.

This year’s floods have impacted over 33 million people and left thousands homeless without access to clean drinking water, food, or medical care.

The United Nations has described this as an “unprecedented climate catastrophe.”

You Can Help Flood Victims

There are many ways through which we can provide a helping hand to the victims of floods.

Flood victims will lose access to the miner details you can think of, from bottled water to clothing and hygiene kits. You can help by taking one of the closest options for you …

You can give a donation on your own, things you can provide for flood victims, whether you have or buy something for them to help.

Another way you can give donations is by raising a fund, where you can spread the word among your social circle, friends, and family members and put together fundraising boxes filled with essential needs for flood victims to help them live through their tough times. 

There are a variety of goods we can donate for the f to help maintain their safety and health.

Some of the urgent needs are …  

  • Tents, mattresses, and blankets.
  • Medicines and bottled water.
  • Hygiene kits and cleaning supplies. 
  • Non-perishable food items.
  • Clothing and footwear.

Volunteer to Help Flood Victims

Floods are one of the worst natural crises, and flood victims urgently need support to overcome this type of crisis.

These victims will remain at risk unless we provide them with food and medical care.

So if you can be a volunteer on the field with us and give a helping hand, whether in providing medical care assistance or providing warm meals and support for their nutrition, we welcome you with open arms.

Volunteers are crucial for those victims to survive this chapter of their lives as safely as possible. 

Floods usually take many lives and cause unprecedented destruction, leaving millions of victims in urgent need of emergency humanitarian assistance.

In many cases, flood victims will need blood donations to survive.

Floods lead to severe injuries, putting people in jeopardy with an urgent need for emergency medical intervention to keep them alive.

Therefore, one of the most substantial donations we can provide is blood donations to help flood victims restore their hope of being alive. 

How Your Donation Will Be Used

At Bonyan Organization, we are keen to put your donations at the service of those in need.

If your donations were goods and materials, they would be sorted and distributed as necessary.

If your donations were money, we would put it at the service of the priority list.

Mainly the medical assistance, nutrition, shelter, and for safety procedures. 


What Can We Do to Help Victims of a Flood?

We can give donations to organizations at the service of flood victims. Whether donating goods, materials, medicine, money, or even volunteering with the teams on the field or donating blood. 

What Should Victims Do After a Flood?

Check the health and safety of themselves and their families, check their houses and belongings, and try to contain the damage that happened to their homes and things as much as they can. 

What Supplies Do Flood Victims Need Most?

1. Non-perishable food items.
2. Medicines and bottled water.
3. Clothing and footwear.
4. Mattresses and blankets.