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Support for Refugee Orphan Children

Donations we gather can cover individual needs, family needs, or organizational plans and programs. Again, there is no such thing as big donations and insignificant donations.

All donations matter when put at the service of refugees

Camps have many refugee orphan children who have lost one or both of their parents. 

Your donation can give those orphan children the support they need; 

  1. Financial support.
  2. Educational support.
  3. Nutrition and health care support.
  4. Mental, emotional, and physical health support.

Therefore, keep in mind; any donation is a gift for those children who are living day by day on the grace that Allah has sent to them through YOU.

Support for Refugee Orphan Children

Sponsoring a refugee child is to be financially responsible for that child and to be available to support the child with their essential needs, like food, health, education, etc. 

Sponsoring an orphan is the greatest deed for a Muslim. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said;

“The best house among Muslims is a house in which an orphan is treated kindly”.

It is considered one of the commendable manners in Islam and one of the best doors of goodness. He who sponsored an orphan entered Paradise and will be close to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

To be able and willing to sponsor a refugee orphan has a tremendous Thawab from Allah, along with the major happiness you will bring to the orphan’s heart.

Is there anything better than to give an orphan a better life to live? It is indeed the ultimate good. 

Sponsor Refugee Child

Orphan Family Support

Some families have lost the second generation of the family, leaving children and young adults under the responsibilities of the grandparents. It is a hard load to carry an old age.

It is hard enough for the elderly to take care of their own under natural conditions. 

Now can you imagine taking care of themselves next to their grandchildren while they are all displaced and living in camps on borders? 

It sounds painful to imagine.

Having the capacity to hold responsibility for all the members of such families is a tremendous job. Those who have the willingness in their heart to support an orphan family are the reason those families are surviving these days with the hope of a better tomorrow. 

Food Assistance for Refugee Children

Refugee children are in consistent need of food assistance for all age groups. However, sometimes the lack of donations can put the food assistance program on hold for a period of time or minimize the age group to maintain supporting the young age groups. 

There are many sectors involved in supporting and distributing food for refugee childrenSome organizations, charities, other parties, and civil society groups and communities help support food assistance for a long time through their sustainable donations. Other fronts help support food assistance through their donations for a specific timeframe. 

Many children under the age of 6 years need nutrition and supplements regularly, and to keep the food assistance program going for the refugee children, we need donations to stay sustainable

Food Assistance for Refugee Children

Milk Assistance for Children and Babies

Babies and young children depend on milk as an essential part of children’s nutritional diet. Therefore, we need to increase awareness of the importance of customizing donations of milk assistance through the Milk and Food Assistance Program for refugee children and babies. 

Infant Feeding

As mentioned before, customizing a part of donations for Milk Assistance is an essential procedure. Children of all age groups need to have a regular nutrition diet. This diet must be consistent; therefore, we need to raise awareness and donations to cover this sector of milk assistance for all infants, babies, and children.

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How Can We Help Refugee Orphans?

By supporting their needs according to their age group.

How do you make an orphan happy?

Don’t call them “Orphan”. It hurts their feelings. Call them by their names. Send a box of love to orphans filled with toys and treats. 
Spend time with them.
Visit them more often, because visiting them every once in a while, will make them feel abandoned.  
Show them family love and care because it is the most important thing that they lack.

What Help Do Orphans Need the Most?

Provide nutrition and healthy food. Health care, physical, and emotional health.
Education, tutoring, and mentoring.
psychosocial support.
Give Your Financial Support.
Sponsor an orphan. Whether by taking full sponsorship or by taking a financial sponsorship to the orphan. 

Why Should We Help Orphans?

Because when we help the orphans, we empower our community unit in the future. So instead of harming themselves and others, they grow up to be responsible, healthy adults that give back to the community they live in instead of taking away from it.

How to sponsor an orphan child?

Sponsoring an orphan child is a noble act that can have a huge impact on the life of the child. It can also be very rewarding and fulfilling. Orphan sponsorship is the process of supporting an orphan in one or more ways, such as providing financial support, food, clothing, medical care, education and/or housing.