Supply Chain Coordinator

Overview about Bonyan Organization

Independent non-profit organization cares about the Syrian affairs, where it started its activities in the city of Aleppo north of Syria, and was licensed in Turkey in 2014.

Bonyan’s refugee response program is structured around three axes: education, protection, and livelihoods.


People’s development makes them prepared and responsible aiming to the rise of the Syrian society and the creation of its civilization.


We work to improve the Quality of Education and strengthen the values to contribute to the rise of the Syrian society.

Our Value:

Proficiency – Initiative – Welfare – Abundance

Job Description Details:

Job purpose:

The Logistics Coordinator is responsible for assisting the Logistics Manager in all Logistics Functions, in planning, daily management, reporting and compliance with Bonyan policy and procedures for the logistics functions in the country. The responsibilities include procurements, transportation, warehouse and assets. in accordance with Bonyan’s Logistics policies and procedures and relevant policies, To support the effective operation of the Bonyan Turkey and Syria Offices and related activities by providing general logistics support,

Duties and Responsibilities:

Logistics planning and activities

  • Strategically support Logistics Manager in planning and manage logistics activities related to procurements, transportation, assets and warehouses
  • Evaluating and verifying along with Projects Managers monthly procurement plan for all projects and share monthly procurement plan logistics team.
  • Cooperate with other team leaders connected with logistics activities
  • Support Logistics manager in Full responsibility for obeying and implementing of Bonyan rules regarding procurements and counteracting of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing
  • Under direction of logistics Manager, Planning, prioritization and evaluation for Turkish and Syrian Logistics staff tasks.
  • Establish a reasonable and appropriate lead-time for ordering and delivery of goods, ensuring this lead-time is followed up and achieved.
  • Make sure to Provide documentary justification of expenses to the finance department.
  • Oversee all procurement activities and make sure that all procurement documentation in accordance with required Purchase Procedure.
  • Set up and maintain a database of local suppliers, detailing criteria of quality, price, service, ethics etc.
  • Represents the logistics team in all tender committees in Turkey
  • Undertake quotations or launch Calls for Tender.
  • Make sure that conditions and nature of goods received as required by the contract

Contracts and Documentation:

  • Draft and review all necessary contracts connected with suppliers.
  • Ensure all payments are processed on time
  • Make sure to keep contracts register for all logistics activities.
  • Make sure that ATC are prepared for all suppliers before sign the contract.

Stock Management:

  • Make sure to maintain all Bonyan storage facilities at Turkey Office and Syria office in accordance with the Bonyan Logistics Procedures
  • Make sure to maintain stock cards for all inventory stored.
  • Monitor stocks of stationery and office supplies, report on consumption and raise OQRFs to replenish when required, ensuring no stock outs disrupt activities;
  • Report to the Logistics manager on inventory levels (daily, weekly, monthly as required).

Asset Management:

  • Effectively follow all asset management procedures in all Bonyan offices and ensure compliance with the Bonyan Logistics Procedures and relevant Policies.
  • Oversee the management of the Bonyan Fixed Assets Register (FAR) in all Bonyan offices to ensure accurate and current location of all and any assets in all offices.
  • Report receipt, movement, damage and disposal of all assets to CEO and entered into the FAR upon receipt, an Asset Receipt Certificate is completed and filed with a copy of the invoice, and all assets are appropriately labelled/tagged in accordance with the Bonyan Logistics Procedures.
  • Adequately store and keep secure all assets at the Offices
  • Ensure that the track Asset Transfer Certificates for all assigned or returned assets, ensuring electronic and hard copy filing systems are maintained and up-to-date;

Fleet Management:

Management of the Project fleet in Turkey and Syria, Overseeing the maintenance of the Project fleet, Ensure Log Book is kept for each vehicle.

Other Duties:

  • Other tasks and responsibilities as directed by the Line manager.
  • Fulfil Bonyan reporting requirements;

Academic Qualifications:

  • BA in relevant field (Accounting, Logistic, Economic. etc.)


  • At least 4 years of relevant work experience in areas such as procurements, logistics
  • Willingness to learn and to take on extra duties as required;
  • Strong computer skills in Microsoft packages, including Excel, Word, and Outlook (particular emphasis on Excel)
  • Ability to manage and prioritise a varied workload in a in a rapidly changing work environment;
  • A flexible approach to work and willingness to take on extra duties, work additional hours or on weekends as required;
  • Excellent attention to detail;
  • Diplomacy and negotiation skills;
  • High communications skills and deep knowledge of the Syria context.
  • Excellent in English and Arabic, Turkish will be an asset.


  • Diplomacy and negotiation skills
  • High communications skills and deep knowledge of the Syria context.
  • Excellent in English and Arabic, Turkish will be an asset.
  • Team management
  • Remote Management
  • Time Management