Shelter and Non-alimentary Aid

Shelter/ NFI Program Goals

In the time of crisis/displacement, the first thing comes to mind is how to provide a shelter to be a protected and safe environment for children, women, and men. Affected communities have no ability to provide an adequate shelter for their members, therefore, Bonyan aims to improve their access to life-saving and life-sustaining SNFI assistance, and to improve community resilience by expanding the shelter capacity of the host communities.

Main objectives:

1- Providing life-saving and life-sustaining shelter and NFI support.

2- Reinforcing an enabling protection environment and community cohesion by improving housing and related community/public infrastructure

List of Shelter/ NFI activities conducted

Life-saving and life-sustaining shelter and NFI support:

  • Establishment of new IDP sites.
  • Distribution of NFIs, and seasonal and supplementary NFIs.
  • Replacement of existing tents.
  • fire mitigation programming.
  • Installation and/ or construction of temporary transitional shelters.
  • Implementation of site level improvements/ infrastructure (drainage System, road rehabilitation).

Improving housing and related community/public infrastructure:

    • Rehabilitation of damaged or unfinished housing.

SNFI team strategy and Area of focus

Within the built experience of Bonyan team in implementing SNFI activities, the future projects will focus on:

  • Enhancing the integration between SNFI program and other programs, especially ERL, WASH and FSL.
  • reaching the most vulnerable people with high severity in need by SNFI assistance, leaving no one in NW Syria without an adequate shelter and appropriate NFI items. In here, Bonyan will target the IDPs living in informal camps, especially the camps that have HLP issues.
  • Promoting and implementing innovative projects that contribute to a better shelter adequacy for the IDPs such as transition shelters made of solid materials, and multi-stories residential blocks.

Key Achievements

  • Prepared and established 8 formal IDP sites for a total of 3500 families in the mass displacement happened in late 2019.
  • Participated in the Technical Working Group of SNFI cluster related to site planning in NW Syria.
  • Participated to the Technical Working Group of SNFI cluster to prepare flood response guidance in SNFI cluster.
  • Of the first who worked on the rehabilitation of unfinished building to shelter the IDPs using sandwich panels or other building materials.
  • Of the first who built transition shelters (Lifeline Village) for the IDP made of concrete block instead of tents, with all its related services including WASH, Education, Health, and Social services.
  • Of the first organizations who intervened in Afrin district through providing shelter repair assistance in line with Housing, Land and Properties (HLP)Guideline.
  • Of the first who developed the basic infrastructure in informal camps, including improving the flood response, water drainage systems, and road rehabilitation. One of the achievements here is to build a drainage system at the exact border of Syria-Turkey in Atma.
  • Participated as a main partner with IOM in the Rapid Response Mechanism to address the needs of IDPs in winter season including installation of new tents and providing NFI kits.


36 Projects
590,979 Beneficiaries
18,380 Benefited from the establishment of new IDP sites
456,335 Benefited from the distribution of NFIs, and seasonal and supplementary NFIs
456,335 Benefited from the replacement of existing tents
18,380 Benefited from the fire mitigation programming
313 Benefited from the installation and/ or construction of temporary transitional shelters
49,320 Benefited from the implementation of site level improvements/ infrastructure:
18,748 Rehabilitation of damaged or unfinished housing


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