Protection and Sponsorship

Protection Program Goals

Bonyan aims to Improve access to quality Protection, through a holistic intervention, and seeks to create safe, protective, and inclusive protection services .

List of Protection Activities Conducted

  1. Structure PSS
  2. Semi Structure PSS
  3. MHPSS
  4. Parenting sessions
  5. Individual Protection Assistant / Emergency Case Fund
  6. Case Management
  7. Referral to other service
  8. GBV Awareness
  9. PSEA Awareness
  10. COVID19 Awareness – Personal Hygiene
  11. Child Protection Awareness
  12. Legal Awareness
  13. Mine Action Awareness

Protection team strategy and Area of Focus

In line with the needs in NWS, Bonyan’s capacity and areas of interest. Bonyan has developed protection program strategy with the focus on the expanding the below activities:

  1. Expanding the mainstreaming of protection activities and approach to other programs such as (WASH, NFI, Shelter, livelihood).
  2. Expand the GBV programs and activities and set it as a stand-alone program fit under the general protection. Additionally, develop a detailed integration approach with CP and ED activities.
  3. More focus on funding Women empowerment and CVA Projects.
  4. Empower and support local communities (initiatives, networks, and youth empowerment ) in NWS

Protection team’s role in NWS coordination mechanism

Bonyan is an active member in Protection sub-clusters in addition to the following task force and working groups :

  • Case Management Task Force
  • Awareness Raising Task Force
  • MHPSS working group
  • Child Protection Monitoring
  • Protection Monitoring
  • PSEA Network
  • SHCF GBV review committee 2022
  • Qualified Protection team inside Syria and Turkey supports the daily work and provides Protection training for Bonyan staff and other humanitarian workers (Case Management supervision under CP cluster capacity building plan).


10 Projects
100,000 (55% Girls and women) Beneficiaries
6 PSEA report points
800 Children benefited from the Emergency case fund activity
6000 Participated in structure and semi-structure PSS sessions
2500 Received positive parenting sessions
1000 Successful case management cases
2000 Cases referred to other services
10 Child Protection community networks


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